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1935 Silver Jubilee of George V
Information on varieties, postal history and perfins related to the 250 stamps in the omnibus issue.
AIDS on Stamps
Most comprehensive collection of anti-AIDS and AIDS awareness stamps.
Bahá'í Philately
Pictures and describes stamps, covers, and postal stationery featuring subjects related to the Bahá'í faith.
The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps
The Bible Odyssey on Israeli Stamps
Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
Shows thousands of images organized by species or country.
The CartoPhilatelic Society
Study of stamps relating to maps and cartography.
A century of Scouting on stamps of the world
Selected world-wide stamps picture depicting 100 years of Scouting.
Christmas Philatelic Club
Dedicated to Christmas philatelic material.
Coins on Stamps
Coins of countries on stamps
Coins on Stamps (hu)
Stamps from the world, which show coins or banknotes.
Color of Stamp
Blog illustrates colorful thematic stamps issued by countries around the world.
Comic strips on European stamps
Stamps, designers and links.
Communism on Postal Stamps
The history of stamps from the formerly Communist countries in Europe.
Computer Stamps
Collecting postage stamps on computer science and information technology. A rich collection indexed in categories.
Emmanuel Delperdange
Shares collection of postage issues containing design errors.
Ephemeral Treasures
Stamp collector's web pages featuring stamps and postal history related to the Second World War and the history of commercial aviation.
Flags and Stamps
Collector blogs about stamps and covers depicting flags, especially the flag of India.
Hans Christian Andersen: Fairy Tales on Stamps
Stamps and First day covers on Hans Christian Andersen and his tales, organized by year and country.
Jesuit Stamps
Displays issues that feature priests, institutions, and related subjects.
Lace Stamps of the World
World stamps with lace in some form featured on them
Petroleum - The Black Gold, on Stamps
Stamps on Petroloeum - at various stages
A Philatelic Display of the Jesuit Mission
Pictures and describes dozens of stamps honoring Jesuits.
Postal Cancellations Art
Pictorial cancellations with matching stamps creates a thematically-unified whole.
Showcases the range of published science-related postal materials, along with the stories behind the images on the stamps. [PDF]
Silver Jubilee Stamps
Stamp issues for the 1935 Silver Jubilee of George V.
Dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic explorers of the Antarctica and the Arctic. Collection of rare philatelic material.
Stamps for Exchange
Offers to trade various topical issues.
Stamps on Snorkeling, Scuba Diving & Underwater Exploration
Lists and pictures water recreation-related stamps by country.
Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps
The story of the Holocaust on stamps. A links page on the Holocaust
Thematic Philately
Stamp domain for thematic/topical philately, philatelic Societies and thematic Philatelic books
Triangular Stamps
Providing a catalog organized by country, this site pictures triangle-shaped stamps.
UNESCO World Heritage and Philately
More than 610 sites from 120 countries, over 1,000 scans. In four languages.
World-wide United Nations Topicals
Searchable database of United Nations Topical stamps which are issued by countries around the world to honor the United Nations, the UN Specialized Agencies and their programs.

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