This category contains sites for organizations which support collectors specializing in stamps related to a specific topic or theme.

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Americana Unit
Collectors' group specializes in stamps of all nations that honor the United States of America by depicting individuals, landmarks, and other subjects directly related to the country.
Astro Space Stamp Society
Group caters to collectors of space-related stamps, postcards, and covers, and publishes a quarterly magazine.
Biology Unit
Associated with the American Topical Association, this group of collectors specializes in stamps picturing the flora and fauna of the world.
Bird Stamp Society
Organization publishes a quarterly journal and oversees auctions and circuits for members who collect stamps picturing birds.
Cats on Stamps Study Unit
Association of collectors of stamps and pictorial cancellations depicting cats publishes a quarterly journal and updates members on cat stamp-related news.
Chemistry and Physics on Stamps Study Unit
Collectors in group specialize in stamps picturing scientists and science-related topics.
Chess on Stamp Study Unit
Group of collectors specializing in stamps, postmarks, and other chess-related philatelic items provides a quarterly newsletter for members plus checklists for all collectors.
Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society
Group of collectors specializes in stamps and other philatelic material commemorating the voyages of Christopher Columbus.
Collectors of Religion on Stamps
Non-denominational group supports collectors of stamps and other postal material with a religious theme.
Ebony Society of Philatelic Events and Reflections
Organization promotes the collection of stamps honoring African Americans and related topics, and encourages stamp collecting by African Americans.
Europa Study Unit
Club promotes the collection of stamps featuring subjects related to the economic, political, and social integration of Europe.
Graphics Philately Association
Club members promote the collection of stamps honoring books and the history of printing.
Lighthouse Stamp Society
Group publishes a bimonthly newsletter and promotes the collection of stamps, postal stationery, and other philatelic materials picturing lighthouses.
Lions International Stamp Club
Group promotes the collection of stamps and covers honoring Lions Club International and Lions-related subjects.
Mathematical Study Unit
Club members collect and share information about philatelic materials related to math, mathematicians, and computers.
Napoléonic Age Philatelists
Group caters to collectors of stamps picturing Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleonic-era topics.
Old World Archaeological Study Unit
Focuses on postage stamps commemorating subjects related to ancient cultures.
Penguins on Stamps Study Unit
Promotes the study and collection of philatelic material picturing or related to penguins, including stamps, postcards, postal stationery, and ephemera.
Petroleum Philatelic Society International
Group supports collectors of stamps focused on oil, natural gas, and the petrochemical industry.
Rotary on Stamps
Members of club collect stamps related to Rotary International.
Ships on Stamps Unit
Group supports collectors of stamps picturing ships, boats, and other watercraft.
Space Topic Study Unit
Members of club are devoted to the study of covers and stamps related to space themes.
Sports Philatelists International
Collectors of Olympic and sport-related stamps, postcards, and ephemera participate in theme-focused society.
Stamps on Stamps Collectors Club
By promoting communication between members and publishing a newsletter three times per year, organizations supports collectors of stamps picturing stamps.
Wine on Stamps Study Unit
Group specializes in thematic stamps related to wine, wine production, and grapes, and publishes a quarterly journal with articles about such stamps.

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