Listings in "Specialty Societies" are groups, with national or international membership, devoted to a specific area of stamp collecting, such as air mail, Vatican City, or cancellations.

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American Air Mail Society
Promotes aerophilately through publications, member auctions, and an annual meeting.
American Ceremony Program Society
Organization promotes the collection of commemorative programs and related materials produced to complement new stamp issues.
American First Day Cover Society
Organization supports first day cover collectors, cachet makers, and dealers.
American Revenue Association
Through a quarterly newsletter, handbooks, and catalogs, this organization supports collectors who specialize in revenues and other non-postal stamps.
American Society of Polar Philatelists
Group collects stamps and covers used in Earth's polar regions, and publishes a quarterly magazine containing articles about such material.
American Topical Association
Promotes topical and thematic stamp collecting by publishing reference works and checklists and organizing the National Topical Stamp Show.
Armenian Philatelic Association
Group focuses on Armenian philately and other nations' stamps that are related to Armenia.
Art Cover Exchange
Facilitates trade of covers bearing hand-drawn or printed art and other decorations.
Auxiliary Markings Club
Group studies covers bearing handstamps, machine markings, labels, manuscript notations, and other indications that the covers received special attention in the mails.
Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society
Organization publishes catalogs about and supports collectors of Christmas seals and other charity stamps from around the world.
Cinderella Stamp Club
Collectors' association encourages the study of all non-postage stamps including revenues, telegraph stamps, seals, and poster stamps.
Civil Censorship Study Group
Collectors in group focus on mail that was censored while in transit.
Cover Collector Circuit Club
Organization facilitates the exchange of covers between collectors around the world.
Errors, Freaks & Oddities Collectors' Club
Group focuses on stamps that exhibit evidence of production errors such as misprinting or misperforation.
First Issues Collectors Club
Organization promotes the collection of the first stamps issued by any country or stamp-issuing entity.
International Machine Cancel Society
Organization is dedicated to the study of machine postal markings plus the history of machine inventors and patents.
King George VI Collectors Society
Group studies the stamps issued by members of the British Commonwealth from 1936 to 1952 during the reign of King George VI.
Local Post Collectors Society
Organization promotes the study and collection of stamps issued by modern local posts.
Mailer's Postmark Permit Club
Assists individuals who wish to cancel the stamps on their own mail by providing instructions on how to obtain mailer's postmarks and maintaining records about such markings.
Maximum Card Study Unit
Group shares images of members' postcards with matching or related postage stamps.
Meter Stamp Society
Group of collectors is dedicated to the study of postage meter stamps, personalized photo stamps, and other stamps printed on-demand.
Metropolitan Air Post Society
New York-based club's members focus on airmail postal history and event covers.
Military Postal History Society
Organization's members study philatelic materials related to wars, including prisoner-of-war letters, patriotic covers, censored mail, and military postal markings.
Mourning Stamps and Covers Club
Collectors in club specialize in the study of black-bordered covers used to send mourning letters and cards in the 19th and 20th centuries.
National Duck Stamp Collectors Society
Organization caters to collectors of waterfowl hunting permit and conservation stamps.
The Perfin Society
Group based in the United Kingdom focuses on stamps with perforated initials.
The Perfins Club
Organization's members collect stamps perforated with designs, initials, and numerals.
Post Mark Collectors Club
Postmark collecting, the National Postmark Museum, and publishes a monthly bulletin for members.
Postal History Society
Group dedicated to studying letters, covers, and other mail from around the world publishes a quarterly journal and reference books, and hosts an annual conference in England.
Postal Label Study Group
Club's members collect registration and express labels, airmail etiquettes, official seals, and other labels used on mail.
Postal Stationery Society
Group focuses on the collection and study of stamped envelopes, postal cards, and other postal stationery items from all countries.
Poster Stamp Collectors Club
Caters to collectors of stamp-like labels issued to promote events.
Precancel Stamp Society
Supports collectors of stamps bearing cancellation markings applied before the stamps were used to mail a letter or package.
United Nations Philatelists, Inc.
Group is devoted to the collection, study, and exhibition of the stamps and postal history of the United Nations.
United Postal Stationery Society
Group is devoted to the study and collection of postal stationery including stamped envelopes and postal cards from all countries.
Universal Ship Cancellation Society
Club promotes the study of the history of ships in the U.S. navy and other maritime organizations and the postal history and postal markings used on those vessels.
Wreck & Crash Mail Society
Group specializes in the collection of mail that was delayed or damaged due to accidents.

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