Choong's Postcards Club
Yahoo club. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in trading postcards with me or you are interested in postcards from Formosa.
Flickr: Hand-Made Postcard Exchange
A group for trading postcard art.
Flickr: Handmade Postcard Swap
Group made to share pictures of the handmade postcards we create, send and receive.
Flickr: Handmade Postcard Swap Group
A group set up to swap handmade postcards.
Flickr: Polaroid Postcard
Sharing polaroid pictures by writing someone's address on it, adding a stamp, then mailing it. This group is for everyone who has received a polaroid postcard or decides to send one.
Flickr: Postcard Exchange
Where visitors can opt to post a P.O. Box or dare to offer a home address to receive random postcards from others.
Flickr: Postcard Heaven
This group is set up for postcard collectors. Exchange postcards with others and share scans of the cards in your collection.
Flickr: Postcards From Heck
Make a postcard, send a postcard. The recipient does the same. Scan the postcard and post it on this group.
Flickr: Postcards from Hilary
Hilary sends postcards to those who ask for them. When you get a postcard send a photo to the group showing it off.
Flickr: Postcards Swappers
Group who scan and then send postcards to each other from around the world.
Friends Penpals and Postcards Club
Postcard exchange club at Yahoo.
Hawaii Postcard Club
All deltiologists (postcard collectors) are welcome to attend. The goal of the club is to promote the hobby of postcard collecting in Hawaii - and elsewhere
Live Journal: Love for Postcards
Social group to exchange and discuss postcards.
Postcard Hub
A club to make contact with people all over the world through exchanging postcards.
Postcard Junky
Postcard exchange community on LiveJournal.
A project that invites everyone to send and receive postcards from random places in the world.
Queensland Card Collectors Society
The QCCS Inc. is a club of approx. 115 members who collect postcards, trade cards and cigarette cards.
San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club
Information, links, picture galleries, newsletter, event calendar for the US and San Francisco Bay area, and information about club activities and membership.
Tribe: Going Postal
A nice postcard, some beautiful postage, and a short note. Exchanged regularly to feed the imagination and quench wanderlust.
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