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United States monuments in vintage postcards.
Providing a view of Austin, Texas, history through photography, postcards and ephemera.
Chicago Postcard Museum
Collection of antique Chicago postcards. Illinois, US.
Chrissy's Postcard Page
This site provides links to postcard collections available online.
Chuckman's Collection
Vintage Chicago postcards Volume 01 of 16. Chicago, Illinois postcards.
Chuckman's Other Collection
Toronto Postcards Volume 01 of 06. Collection of Toronto postcards and history.
Curt Teich Postcard Archives
The core collection in the Teich Archives, acquired by the Lake County Museum in 1982, is the industrial archives of the Curt Teich Company of Chicago.
Czech Postcards
Postcard from Sumava Mountain and Bohemian Forest.
Days Past
Trading in old postcards and photographs.
Ed Bertsch's Postcards
Personal collection.
Edsen Breyer's Postcard Museum
Personal collection including Scenic Railroad Engines, Vehicles, Victorian Houses, Trolleys.
Ephemera: postcards
Exploring the world of old paper.
Flickr: Postcards
A group for vintage postcard collectors. Features scans of the postcards as a forum.
Flickr: Altered Postcard Art
The only requirement is that you use a postcard, either vintage or new, and alter it to suit your own artistic vision. You can cover the entire card or leaves bits of the original peeking through.
Flickr: Boring Postcards
Sharing scans of really boring postcards.
Flickr: Handmade Postcards
A place to display handmade postcards that you have made yourself or received.
Flickr: I Love Postcards
A place for posting an eclectic assortment of postcards. Vintage, unique and or funky postcards are preferred. Extra points for kitsch. Hand-made, collaged, and/or hand-painted postcards are welcome.
Flickr: Nack's Postcards
The famous Nackles sends postcards every time he goes on holiday. Here they are.
Flickr: Postcards
Picture postcards, seasonal greeting postcards, and any postcards you care to share with the group.
Flickr: Postcards Vintage
A group to display vintage postcards on Flickr.
Flickr: The Postcard Project
Contribute scanned postcards to the group for viewing and discussion in the forum.
Flickr: Ugly Postcards
Displaying a collection of ugly postcards and inviting others to share their collections.
Flickr: Vintage Postcards
Post any vintage postcards from anywhere in the world. You can even scan the hand-written side to help tell the story of the postcard.
Flickr: Weird Postcards
Post your ugly, weird, bizarre postcards in this group. Members can post 3 a day.
Flickr: Written Postcards
A group interested in the postcards and especially the writing on the backs of them. Scan your postcard collection, front and back, then post them.
A collection of postcards sent to support global change.
Glozer, Liselotte Erlanger
Postcard collection and gallery.
The Groman Tjiering Collection
Features cards with female bathers, heroes, and romance. Pictures and search included.
Houde's Postcards
Classic photographs.
Knotts Berry Farm Postcards
Old postcards from a collection.
Lincolnshire Postcards
A collection of old pictures of Lincolnshire, UK.
LiveJournal: Ugly Postcards
Information for postcard collectors. Also sharing scans of postcards.
My Favorite Postcards
Postcards from around the world, starting in the late 1800's. Each postcard has a photo and full description, including when it was mailed and from where.
Photo-Mount Web Site
Information regarding Photo-Mount postcards.
Postcard Exchange - Online Postcard Collection
A collection of postcards from all over the world.
Postcard Pictures
Image library for postcard collectors. Share postcard pictures and discuss with fellow enthusiasts.
Postcards Hobby
Offers picture postcards - Bhutan, Bangladesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India postcards.
Postcards of the Past
An ever-growing collection of old postcards of a variety of places in Europe and North America.
Postcardy Weblog
Showcasing a collection of postcards with photos and a history behind the card.
Wild Postcards
A collection of postcards, from vintage to modern, first started by the site owner's great-grandfather.
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