Scripophily (scrip-OFF-i-lee) is the collecting of antique stock and bond certificates. Many people just call them "old stocks" if they're not familiar with the technical term, just as numismatists talk about "coin collecting." One of the fun and interesting aspects of Scripophily is in the researching and learning about the background of a certificate, such as the issuing company's history and its founders, officers and certificates signers. This leads to a fascination with significant events and people in the company and industry of a particular certificate. The many variations of certificates also creates an avenue for searching and treasuring. Permutations include denomination, age, celebrity, color, vignette (the picture(s) on a certificate), signatures, spellings, printer, registration number, aesthetic appeal and rarity. This DMOZ category is for sites that provide images, information and research resources for learning about certificates and educating themselves on Scripophily.

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Certificate Collector
A non-commercial site with a collection of over 500 antique stocks and bonds. Includes detailed images and research.
Confederate Railroads -- History, Maps & Equipment
Thousands of transcribed documents, configuration details, schedules and maps of all the Confederate railroads and their equipment.
Huge central reference on American Railroads and their thousands of individual stock certificates.
Franky's Scripophily Spot
Personal collection list of U.S. and world stocks and bonds.
Goldsheet Mining Directory- Scripophily and Obsolete Securities
Provides historical information on current and defunct mines, old mining towns and sources for researching stock certificates.
Hanseatisches Sammlerkontor für Historische Wertpapiere
Germany based auction house. Site is in German and English.
International Bond and Share Society
IBSS is an association of certificate Collectors and Dealers. Members receive a quarterly news publication and a membership directory.
LOC: Guide to Business History Resources
Library of Congress (LOC) section for researching the histories of United States companies. The LOC is the research arm of Congress and houses the largest library in the world.
Professional Scripophily Trade Association
PSTA is a Dealer Association that promotes Scripophily interests and the study of business history.
SEC on Old Stock and Bond Certificates
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission information on researching old stocks and bonds.
Treasury Direct: Frauds, Phonies and Scams
Bond scams page by U.S. Treasury. Facts on gold bonds and bogus U.S. securities.
What to Do with an Old Stock Certificate
Enoch Pratt Free Library list of certificate research resources.

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