The Nihonto, or Japanese sword, is considered a work of art by many. This category is for those interested in the care and collection of genuine antique and modern Japanese swords.

Sites selling goods should not be submitted to this category.

Websites in this category must be in English.

Bilingual sites may be submitted here as well as to the appropriate World subcategory.

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Information on Tsuba
Collection of articles specializing in sword hand guards (Tsuba), with bibliography, questions and answers, glossary and links.
Japanese Military Reference
Provides information on WWII Japanese military swords.
Japanese Samurai Swords
Collector seeks to assist owners of Samurai Swords to establish a fair value and terms to satisfy all.
Japanese Sword Society of the United States
A society concerned with the study and preservation of Japanese swords (nihonto).
Sales and information regarding antique Japanese swords.
New York Sword Club
New York Token Kai, includes information on joining the club, meetings and newsletters.
Nihonto Message Board
Discussion board for antique Japanese swords and additional information pages on authenticity, kanji and related subjects.
Includes both swords and fittings for sale, articles on swords photography, a screensaver and other useful links.
Sword glossary, schools, events, equipment and supplies.
Information on Japanese "big, thick" swords, with a photo gallery.
Northern California Japanese Sword Club
A non-profit organization for the study and preservation of Japanese swords, related items and arts. Meetings are held in San Francisco's Japan Town.
Specialists in books related to the study and appreciation of the Japanese sword as art. Both in-print and out-of-print tiles on swords, armor, and fittings.
Site on Japanese history, historical figures and accounts, women's histories, Japanese swords and appraisal, investment strategy and antique sword sales. Acrobat reader required to view much of site.
The Story of the Japanese Sword
Demonstrates the process and techniques used to make Japanese swords.
Sword Forum International
Site relating to all areas of sword collecting and usage including articles and an active discussion forums.
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