United States coins are coins minted by the United States Government as well as coins minted prior to colonization, territorial coinage, and confederate coinage.

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Provides online calculators that measure the intrinsic value of coins based on closing metal prices at the New York Mercantile Exchange.
2009 Lincoln Cents
All about the 2009 Lincoln Cents issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.
All About The American Wheat Penny
Reference site for information and history on the American Wheat Penny
Barber Coin Collectors' Society
Informational resource for coin collectors interested in the coins designed by Charles E. Barber.
Barber Half Collection
Journal about a Barber Half Collection, includes scans of coins.
California Pioneer Fractional Gold
Comprehensive information on California Small-Denomination Gold. Features include discussion forums, articles, color pictures, announcements of variety discoveries, visual guides, and online auctions.
Coin and Currency Collections at Notre Dame
Information on coins produced prior to America's colonization.
Coin Help
Coin values, facts, images and mintages for US, colonial , post colonial and pattern coinage. Guide for mint errors, grading service and a forum.
Coin Review
User contributed reviews of coins including coin designs, historical significance, and investment potential.
Provides coin collector services and delivers current coin news and information.
The Coinologist
A Curator of Coins, Currency, and Cool Stuff.
A Collection of Capped Bust Dimes by Die Marriage
Offers articles about early US "bust" coins, scans and trading information.
Collectors Corner
Learn about evaluating, grading, locating and valuing collectible US coins.
Copper Coins
A comprehensive web encyclopedia of U.S. copper coinage.
Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Collectors Society: Provides information on varieties, population reports, discussion forums, and census reports.
Provides comprehensive information on the Indian Head cent.
Jose Cortez's Web Site
Dedicated to Washington Quarters, especially double die varieties.
The Kennedy Half Dollar
Provides information on varieties, errors, mintage reports, and articles for the Kennedy Half Dollar.
Large Cents
Dedicated to everything related to the collecting of early United States copper coins, with an emphasis on Large Cents. Features a private collection with images and information.
Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors
A reference on the Liberty Seated Dime focusing on identifying and cataloging Liberty Seated Dime varieties and errors.
The Lincoln Cent Resource
Provides information about Varieties including doubled dies, repunched mintmarks for the Lincoln Cent.
The New Dollar Coin
Official information about the new dollar coin by the U.S. Mint.
PBS: Electric Money
Includes teaching guides, a before computers section, e-money revolution, and fun stuff, which offers games, screen savers and desktop wallpaper.
Presidential Dollar Guide
Information on the Presidential Dollar coin series. Images and descriptions for each coin.
Presidential Dollar series information
Provides information on the Presidential Dollars issued by the U.S. Mint.
Professor Peter Planchet, Phd
offers free information on numismatics.
Richard's Roosevelt Review
Dedicated to the collecting and research of Roosevelt dimes focusing primarily on varieties and errors produced during the silver issue years of 1946-1964.
Roxanne Goldberg's Coppers
Provides information on collecting, cleaning and attributing early copper cents.
Provides images, grading standards, and articles about the Shield Nickel.
Small Dollars
Informational resource on the small sized U.S. Dollar coinage including Susan B. Anthony, Sacajawea, and Presidential dollars.
So-Called Dollars
Intended to help collectors and dealers identify so-called dollars as listed in the major reference book So-Called Dollars by Hibler and Kappen.
U.S. and World Colonial Coins
Information on Colonial Coins in all countries including the U.S.
U.S. Coin Collecting
A forum for coin collectors.
United States Mint Reports- 1792 to 1892
Provides partial United States Mint Reports for the Years 1792 to 1892.
US Coin Collector
Offers news, pictures, price guides, third party grading information, and targeted coin auctions for every major U.S. Coin series.
US Coin Values Advisor
Advice on coin collecting, book reviews, coin rate of return calculator, and illustrated US Mint history also featured. Includes information on long range coin value trends for collectible US coins.
US Collect A Coin
Providing free Excel Spreadsheet for organizing your coin collection. Also includes a beginners guide to coin collecting eBook.
Information on Morgan and Peace Dollar Varieties.
Wiki based informational site devoted to Morgan and Peace dollar die varieties known as VAMs.
Your Rare Coin Collecting Guide.
Site is a coin collecting guide for all U.S. coins. It includes all U.S. Mint regular issues from half-cents through double-eagles as well as commemoratives.
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