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Coin Gallery
Effigies of Charles V, his family and some contemporaries. Includes images information by city and country.
Coinage of Baltic Countries
The historical overview of coins, minted or used in Baltic countries since 13th century.
Counterfeit One Pound Coin Examples
A three part guide to spotting counterfeit British one pound coins with example scans.
Finnish coins
Collector site about Finnish coins by a Finnish collector.
The francs
Francs and euro coins of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco and Switzerland. History and images of the coins of the five countries.
Greek Currency Directory
Includes more than 250 photos of Greek coins and banknotes from 1828 to present. Full descriptions, brief history, links, and trading option.
Hryvnia - The New Official Currency of Ukraine
Collector site about the new currency of Ukraine including currency conversion information and images.
Il Marengo
Catalogs of Lira and Euro coins of Italy, San Marino and Vatican City, with history, images, and characteristics.
Ingemars Swedish Coin Site
Swedish site about Swedish coins and numismatics.
Irish Coinage
History of Irish Coinage with a catalog and high resolution pictures.
The Maria Theresia Taler 1780
Provides information including history, description of variants, strike dates, valuation list, medals, and forgeries.
Numismatic Approach
A collection of demonetized and current coins coming from France, Great-Britain, Italy. (more than 400 pictures). How to recognize metals coins are made with, where do coins can be found.
Odessa Numismatic Museum
Spacious collection of antic coins from the Northern Black Sea Region
Peter's coin site
Personal page about Belgian gold and silver coins from 1832 to 1914.
Romanian and Hungarian Coin and Paper Money Catalogue
Online catalogue for Romanian and Hungarian coins and currency.
Romanian Coins
Pictures of a majority of Romanian coins complete with scientifically correct information about Romanian numismatics.
Ukrainian Banknotes and Coins
Information on banknotes and coins by the National Bank of Ukraine.
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