This category is about Manufacturers of coins and medals. Official (government) mints are listed in this category, private mints are listed in the subcategory "Private Mints".

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Bermuda Monetary Authority
Bermuda's central monetary authority, responsible for the issue of Bermuda notes and coins.
Israel Government Coins and Medals Corporation
National coinage, commemorative coins and medals, jewelry and art collectibles.
Japan: The Mint Bureau
The Ministry of Finance has been engaged in manufacturing coins since 1871.
Kremnica Mint
Produces coins and medals, as well as plaques, tokens, badges and custom-made articles. Includes a company profile, history, production details and an online shop.
Mints of the World
Listing of world mints, both official and private, and other monetary authorities such as Central Banks, with contact details and other information.
Perth Mint
Producing specialty coins, currency, gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins.
Polish State Mint
Information on the state mint in English and Polish.
Rahapaja Oy: Mint of Finland
Manufactures all the national circulation coins of Finland. Brief history, gallery of recent commemoratives, and annual production report.
Royal Australian Mint
The Mint manufactures circulating coins for Australia as well as medals, medallions, seals and tokens for private and public sectors and sporting and tourism groups, both nationally and internationally.
The Royal Mint
Contains information about British coins and coin-making in the past and present day, the Mint's history and current activities.
The Royal Norwegian Mint
The official worldwide representative of the Swedish Royal Mint, the Royal Danish Mint and the Central Bank of Iceland. (English and Norwegian)
The Singapore Mint
Official mint for Singapore. The Mint has, since its establishment, undertaken most of the minting of Singapore's circulation coins.
The South African Mint
Producing coins for South Africa for more than a century.
The official mint of Switzerland.
U.S. Mint
Manufacturer of US circulating coins, Mint commemorative coins, and US Mint bullion coins. Numismatic information, online catalog and a special kids zone.
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