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The Accutron Watch Page
Technical information on the Bulova and other tuning fork watches.
Alan's Vintage Watches
A collection of vintage wrist watches with histories and stories about each one. Also pictures of watches using electron microscopes, X-ray film and an explanation of the luminous radium dials once used on watches.
American Watch Company
Histories and pictures of watches from Waltham, Howard, Elgin, Hamilton and McIntyre also includes a database for Waltham and Elgin private label watches.
Antique Pocket Watch
Information about collecting pocket watches and pocket watch makers, including values, serial numbers, cases, parts and mechanisms.
Australian Antiquarian Horological Society Inc.
Official website for the Australian Antiquarian Horological Society.
BDWF Owners Group
Forum and gallery for discussing all makes and models of watches.
A collection of articles about various makes of wrist watch compiled after the death of Chuck Maddox.
Fratello Watches
Articles and photos of a variety of watches.
News, reviews, forums, classifieds and auction finder dedicated to Casio G-Shock and all Casio watches.
The Gruen Watch Company
Historical information for collectors and a detailed bibliography. Also includes a page about the Columbus Watch Company.
Half Past the Hour
A blog about watch collecting.
Hamilton Railroad Watches
A history of the Hamilton Watch Company, with many pictures of watches and vintage advertisements.
A database of luxury wrist watches as well as news, articles and photos.
My Bulova
Database of old, vintage and antique Bulova pocket and wrist watches, including early Rubaiyat, Hudson and Lady Maxim models as well as the famous Bulova Lone Eagle and Bulova Accutron models.
Patek Philippe Museum
The watch museum in Geneva houses antique, pocket watches and miniature enamel crafts.
Pocket Watch Collection
Pictures and descriptions of a variety of American made pocketwatches. Also helpful information on subjects such as how to open a watch, what jewels are and what adjusted means.
SteveG's Watch Launchpad
Contains close-up pictures of watches, with notes about the history and details of each.
Information for watch enthusiasts including chat rooms, watch forums, numerous articles and on-line watch school.
Tuning Fork Watches
History of the invention of tuning fork watches with emphasis on the Bulova.
The Unofficial Breitling Source
Breitling watch information, models, galleries, forum, and information on spotting replicas.
Vintage Watches For Investment
Watch collecting secrets and tips on caring for vintage watches.
The Watch Forum
Chat online to other watch collectors, enthusiasts and hobbyists about vintage, antique and collectible watches.
The Watch Guy
Vintage wrist and pocket watch information including a resource database of collecting information.
Watch It
Articles on such topics as wrist watches, time, how to assess the value of a watch and book reviews.
Watchlords Watch Forum
The only uncensored watch forum on the net. Open discussions about all wrist watches of all brands. An open forum for watch collectors.
Zodiac Watches
History and information on the Zodiac Watch Company. Includes pictures and descriptions of many models and technical articles.
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