Recreation Collecting Autographs Individual Collections
Category for sites showcasing individual autograph collections.
316 Sports Autographs
Website devoted to collecting autographed sports cards. Sports included are baseball, basketball, hockey, football and golf.
Angel's Autograph Collection
Features Scans of celebrity autographs obtained through the mail from Reality Television, politics, and the modeling world.
Autograph Addict
Personal sports autograph collection consisting of photos, through the mail success stories and other collecting topics.
Autograph Collecting By Ernie
A collector's site with information about celebrity mailing addresses, autograph authentication, and how to care for a collection.
Autograph Collection
Contains pictures of autographs obtained through the mail as well as in person. Includes autograph scans of Paul Reiser, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, DeForest Kelley, Ricky Paull Goldin, Colin Quinn, Tom Cavanagh, Art Garfunkel, and Marc Maron.
Bicistar - Autographs of Cycling Legends
Includes a gallery of signed photographs and some older Tour de France pictures.
BJ's Celebrity Signs
Features photos of purchased celebrity autographs including Tom Cruise, William Shatner, and Kevin Sorbo.
Celebrity Autograph Success
Scans of signed photographs along with a short biography and a description of how it was obtained along with the address used. Gives tips on how to approach someone for their autograph.
Focuses on the German, French and silent film industries, with biographies on the stars.
Dan & Neil's Autograph Collection
A site dedicated to sports autographs. Collecting through the mail and in person. Scans are shown along with autographing interviews.
Darkest Corner of the Universe
A private collection of autographed photographs of actors in the Starwars films.
Graph Collector
Includes scans of personal autograph collection and addresses used to request autographs by mail.
A collection of scanned images, signed by people involved in the making of the Star Wars films.
Military & Historical Autographs
Examples of autographs along with links to biographies, history and other military related subjects. Mostly centers on WWII, Korea and Vietnam.
My Autograph Collection
A personal collection of signed photographs of celebrities with many scanned images available for view online.
Omzig's Autograph Collection
One fan's celebrity autographed photograph collection featuring stars from various backgrounds such as Jeff Foxworthy and Rusty Wallace.
Riley's Autographs
Offers image gallery for a collection of Wrestling, Sci-fi, and celebrity autographs.
Rosie's Autographs
A private collection of autographs with the addresses used to obtain them. Contains pictures of many of the photographs and tips found helpful when collecting.
Vintage Baseball Autographs
Autographs of old and deceased baseball players on newspaper cartoons, photos, and 3x5s.
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