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Achter, Jeff
Includes a description for Whitney-Gilman, an early route up Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire.
Andersen, Dave
The Splat Calculator which answers the question "How fast will you be going when you hit the deck?" Pictures and stories from Yosemite, Castleton Towers, and Red Rocks. Solo aiding at Rumney, New Hampshire and ice climbing at Newfound Lake, New Hampshire.
Baba, Karl
Trip reports and photos from free and aid climbing in Yosemite. A topo for Galactic Hitchhiker.
Benson, David
Account of a 7 month climbing trip. Pictures and accounts from Yosemite; Fisher Towers, Utah; Red Rocks; Joshua Tree; and Indian Creek.
Bielefeldt , Hartmut
Trip reports and pictures from mountaineering trips in the Alps and expeditions in the Andes, Pamirs, Tien Shan, and Himalayas.
The Big Love Climbing Crew
Photos and history of this United Kingdom-based group of friends. Includes memorial to group member Andrew James Wells.
Bigall, Evan
Beta for Mescalito. Pictures and stories from Yosemite with emphasis on big walls.
Bill and Cori
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; Joshua Tree, California; Devil's Tower, Wyoming; and Castleton Tower, Utah. Information about climbing in New Hampshire and at the Gunks.
Bob and Cinta
Training and technique. Pictures from North America and Europe. Information about climbing in Ontario.
Bonington, Chris
Biography. News. Expedition information. Photos. Signed books and prints for sale.
Box, Phil
Photos from Mount Warning, New South Wales and Mount Kaputar, New South Wales. Photos of rescue practice.
Brash, Andrew
Trip reports and photos from Cholatse, Nepal; Menlungtse, Tibet; the Chinese Karakoram; and Troll Wall, Norway.
Buchanan, Doug (Alaska Stories)
Trip reports from Alaska. General area information for Alaska.
Byrn, Gordon
Trip reports from the Eiger and Denali.
Calibani, Mauro
Bouldering photos from Italy.
Chetwynd, Simon
Photographs of rock, ice and alpine climbing plus gear reviews, trip reports, and photos from the United Kingdom and the Alps.
Chiang, Alex
Trip reports from Red Rocks, Nevada; Gunks, New York; Yosemite, California; and other areas plus some favorite posts from rec.climbing offering humor and advice.
Cieslik, Wit (EVP Home Page)
Stories and trip reports from canyoning, climbing, mountaineering, skiing and diving in and around Sydney Australia and New Zealand.
Trip reports and photos from Gunks, New York; Rumney, New Hampshire; New River Gorge, West Virginia; and various locations in Colorado.
Mountaineering photos and wall paper from a group of friends. Content in English and Italian.
Cole , Peter
Photos of rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering.
A map of the Pacific NW pinpointing the mountains in that area
Cummins, Clint
Topos for Calveras Dome, Elephant's Perch, Idaho and Index, Washington. New route information for Yosemite and Pinnacles. Trip reports from Yosemite (free climbing and aid climbing), Tuolumne Meadows, Pinnacles, the Sierras, Tahoe, Smith Rock, the Gunks, Acadia, Maine, Joshua Tree and Castle Rock.
Curtis, Neil
Pictures and stories from Yosemite and Stone Mountain, NC.
Custer, Dave
Article "An Elastic Model of the Holding Power of Spring Loaded Camming Devices Used as Rock Climbing Anchors."
Trip reports and photos from Taquitz, California.
Dargaud, Guillaume
Pictures and stories from Alaska, Antarctica, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, Tasmania, Yosemite, the Alps and central Italy. A section with pictures to use as wallpaper.
Doherty, Paul
Photos and trip reports from Yosemite, California; Mount Conness, California; Blue Mass Scenic Area, Nevada; Sierra Nevada de Lagunas Bravasm, Argentina; Mt. Lemmon, Arizona; Cochise Stronghold, Arizona; and Baboquivari, Arizona
Edwards, Stephen
Illustrations and descriptions of basic climbing methods and equipment.
Photos of technical tree climbing.
Unlabelled photos.
A Fat Old Lady Takes Up Climbing
A woman in Alaska decides to climb some of the smaller mountains around her. Photos.
Florine, Hans (
Speed climbing records, primary for Yosemite, California. Climbing resume. Photos. Guiding offered.
Fluent Inc.
An image gallery that tracks the expedition to the Saifee peak in the Indian Himalayas, undertaken by the employees of this company in October, 1999.
Frankenfield, Jim a.k.a. Snowman
Photos and reports from the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Blanc, Wyoming, and Utah.
Ghetie, Andrei
Trip reports and photos from Acadia, Maine; the Gunks, New York; Red Rocks, Nevada; and various Colorado and California locations.
Ghiz, Scott
Beta on The Nose and Half Dome Regular NW Face, Yosemite. The Gunks Aid Guide. Stories and pictures from The Prow, Cathedral, New Hampshire
Golay, Mike
Trip reports and photos from rock and ice climbing in New Hampshire; rock climbing at Seneca, West Virginia; and mountaineering in the Adirondacks, New York; Washington; and California.
Grundy, Tom
Trip reports from Potrero Chico, Mexico; Yosemite, California; and Cirque of the Towers, Wyoming. Photos from around the US.
Hamilton, Larry
Photos and stories from Red Rocks, Nevada; Fisher Towers, Utah; Golden Cliffs, Colorado;and Front Range, Colorado.
Higson, Melvyn
Photos and accounts from Ben Nevis, Scotland; Snowdon, Wales; Carrantuohill, Ireland; and Scafell Pike, England.
Jackie and Allen
Trip reports and photos from mountaineering and climbing in Colorado and Wyoming.
Japp, Adrian
Photos from uk.rec.climbing outings.
Information about the climber and his current projects.
Johann and Sandra's Mountaineering
Trip reports and photos from Mount Hood, Middle Sister, and South Sister in Oregon, and Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens in Washington state, a message board, and a directory of mountaineering links.
Kantarjiev, Christopher
A trip report from Mt. Shasta, California.
Karen, Tim and Jared
Photos from the McDowell Mountains, Arizona; Red Rocks, Nevada; and Mt. Hayden, Colorado.
Kirk, John
Trip reports, photos, and progress reports from the author's attempt to climb all the Colorado's Fourteeners.
Kozhuharov, Kalin
Trip reports for Mt. Fuji, Japan, the Northern Japanese Alps and Bulgaria. Information on climbing in Bulgaria, and photos.
Lanslots, Jeroen
Andes expedition in Peru: Alpamayo and Tocclaraju. Photos and statistics of 8000 meter peaks, books, and Everest.
Löwdin, Per & Elisabeth
Photos from in Kashmir, Zanskar, Ladakh, Nubra, Rupshu, Nepal, Switzerland, France and Italy.
MacLeod, Kelly
Information on rock climbing in the Bugaboos and at Castle Mountain plus ice climbing in Canada. Pictures of the above plus other areas in Canada, including Squamish.
Mak, Ryan
Information for beginners and a photo gallery.
Morrison, Dave
Trip reports and photos from Mt. Watkins (Yosemite), Mt. Rainier, Mt. Charleston, Kings Peak, Utah, Mt. Baker, Washington, Iztaccihuatl, Mexico Mt. Adams, Washington, Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Nichol, Peter
Pictures from Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, and Shuksan, Washington.
Nielsen, Anders Strange
The author's article on "The Infamous Japanese Everest Ski Expedition 1970". Climbing and skiing photos from France.
O'Dowd, Cathy
About the climber, her books, expeditions, and speaking engagements. Expedition reports and photos from Lohtse, Aconcagua, Everest, Bolivia, and Ruwenzori.
Oliver, Brian
Unlabelled photos. Basic information on climbing techniques.
Outdoor Adventure
Photos from the Tetons and big walls in Zion.
Owens, Mark
Trip report and photos from Kala Patar, Nepal (go to the Travel link).
Pang, Leonhard
Camming range of various brands of SLCD's compared in a chart. Photos from various European locations.
Pasquale, Bert & Holly
Trip reports and photos from Great Falls, Virginia; Carderock, Maryland; Seneca Rocks, West Virginia; and the Gunks, New York. Bouldering information for Carderock, Maryland.
Photos, primarily from New River Gorge, West Virginia; and Colorado.
Paulin, Ari
A list of and information on the highest mountains in the world. Grading systems from around the world compared. Unlabeled rock and ice climbing photos.
Prinz, Ulrich
Photos and trip reports from rock climbing in Chamonix and the Verdon, France; and mountaineering in France and Peru. Instructions for modifying a Gri-Gri for soloing, including photos.
Includes a history of the climbs the author has done and some photos.
Ray Jardine's Adventure Page
Climbing log from 1963 to 1982. Photos. Story by the inventor of "Friends" equipment and photos of the original prototypes.
Ripley, Vaughn
Jargon dictionary. Book and video reviews. Suggested workout routine. Journal.
Robertson, Matt
Trip reports of climbing and hiking in the Pacific Northwest
Rooselaer, Hans
Trip report and photos from Arolla, Switzerland.
Savoye, Rob
Photos of rock and ice climbing, primarily from Colorado, US. Information on climbing areas around Baltimore, Maryland.
Schryer, Gordon and Tracy
Guide to climbing at Marymoor Park, Washington. Trip reports and photos from Joshua Tree, California; Yosemite, California; and mountaineering and backcountry skiing at various locations in the Pacific Northwest.
Scott, Chic
Mountaineering, skiing, and climbing information and history, as well as photographs from around the world and information on his slide shows.
Soles, Clyde
Photos of Gasherbrum II, El Capitan, and the Haute Route in Chamonix. Information on the author's book "Gear".
Solmssen, Hans
Information on climbing in the Alps. Trip reports and photos. Author is a guide in Switzerland.
Stanton, Michael
Photos and trip reports from hiking and climbing in the Pacific Northwest plus climbing at Smith Rock, Oregon; Yosemite, California; Red Rocks, Nevada; Index, Washington; City of Rocks, Idaho.
Tales From The Mountainside
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; and the United Kingdom.
A Test of Will: Warren Macdonald
Personal page of Warren Macdonald, an amputee; provides information on his speaking engagements, his adventure expeditions, and offers for sale books and photos of the climber.
Turner, Keith
Maps and information on rock and ice climbing in the Reno, Nevada; and Lake Tahoe areas. Rules for a Reno-based bouldering league. Site attempts to install Internet Explorer Gradient Control.
Verniers, Kristof
Pictures from the French Alps.
Viesturs, Ed
About the climber, his expeditions, and his experiences with IMAX Everest and Vertical Limit. Photos. Discussion forum and mailing list.
Ware, Brent
Trip reports and photos from Yosemite, California; the Needles, California; Colorado; Beta for big walls: Zodiac, Yosemite; Moonlight Buttress, Zion; and Lunar Ecstasy, Zion.
Whitehouse, Drew
Quicktime movie of George Fieg on the first ascent of a new route in Australia. Photos from Thailand; spots in Australia including the Blue Mountains, Arapiles, and the Grampians; and an inside wall.
Willerup Brothers
Trip reports from around the world, log files, pictures, some location beta. Features Mexico, the UK, Chamonix, and Joshua Tree.
Williams, Gail
Account with photos of the author's father's childhood in the Palisades and mountaineering in the 1960's.
Woods Family
Photos from Mineral Wells State Park, Texas; New River Gorge, West Virginia; Lumpy Ridge, Colorado; and other Colorado crags. Trip reports from competitions their children have entered.
Yamaguchi, Yuuko
Information about mailing lists, forums, mountaineering clubs, gear shops, and climbing gyms in or about Japan. A cross-reference between the Alpine Club's guide books, Mont Blanc Massif - Selected Climbs (1990 and 1991) and Gaston Rebuffat's book, Mont Blanc Massif - Selected 100 Routes.
Yukish, Mike
Map for Bellefonte Quarries, Pennsylvania. Collection of safety-related posts from rec.climbing.

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