Worldwide radio control model airplane personal sites, covering their involvement and interest in the hobby.

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Mechanical pages on RC planes, polystyrene cutting machine, foamies, electronic mixer, and CNC. French site, look for English language version.
Al's Electric R/C Flying Page
Devoted to electric R/C airplane flying. Information, pictures, movies, future projects, and related links.
Alan Shipman's Model Aeroplane Web Site
RC model aircraft hobby in England. History, photos, contacts, and related links.
Alex's R/C Hanger
Whether you are in for the winter, or just dreaming about flying, this is the site for you.
Baby Wingwalkers Team
The Baby Wingwalkers are two Stearman radio controlled model aircraft with fully working wingwalkers. The models are 30% scale.
Big Jim's Radio Controlled Aircraft Page
Information on the hobby of radio controlled aircraft. Links, downloads, tips and troubleshooting, and pictures.
Boomer's Electric Flight Home Page
Information about how to design RC airplanes, fabricate the balsa parts, and build something unique.
Building Cardboard RC Planes
Information on history, techniques, materials, pictures, and contacts.
Carl Bachhuber's Giant Scale RC Planes
Pictures and descriptions of huge scratch built replicas of actual aircraft. Most are multi-engine models weighing up to 100lbs.
Dave's RC Flight
The technical information of electric powered flight; circuits for RC projects; photographs of full size and model aircraft.
Derwood's Flying Adventures
Lots of radio control pictures from the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland area.
Radio Controlled Airplanes and related topics. Videos, crashes, repairs and modifications.
Don Ramsey's Pattern Site
Precision RC aerobatic or pattern site for model aircraft.
Doug's Radio Control Aircraft Page
Radio controlled airplane models, Ventura county Comets RC Club, and Target Pistols page.
Electric RC Airplanes
Learn more about electric rc airplanes and how to fly them.
Flademir Aeromodelismo
Giant scale model aviation articles, photos, and models. Portuguese language site with English translation available.
Fly Electric
Successful electric powered sport and scale model airplanes, ranging from 6 ounces to 44 pounds. List of the largest models, free plans, and construction guidelines.
The Flying Mustang Coder
Dedicated to the dissemination of information pertaining to RC flying, the Ford Mustang, and web programming.
Gas RC Airplanes
Beginners guide to gas RC airplanes.
George Buckley's Experimental Ornithopter Design
Videos, pictures, and description of experiments with a radio controlled ornithopter.
Giant Scale Aerobatic List
Site run by Branwell McClory and dedicated to giant scale model aerobatics with reviews, photos, articles, tips, and 3D information.
Glen's Machine Shop
Design and construction of a 2 cylinder 4 stroke model airplane engine. Includes plans, pictures, design data, and related links.
Higgy's R/C Flying Page
RC model aviation site with past and present photos of models as well as information about ham radio and motorgliding. German and English language site.
Home Page of an IMAC Flier
Bob Hudson is IMAC chapter 401 rep. and presents information here about IMAC happenings in the Ontario, Canada area.
Hyun Keun Cheung
From Korea, a RC model airplane pattern oriented personal site with aircraft information and photos.
J.M Quetin Homepage
Mainly dedicated to indoor RC planes, but with other topics like ham radio and computers.
John Estlow's Home Page
John will give you a tour of his wonderful world of model airplanes at this site.
Jon's RC Airplane Hangar
Beginner in RC airplane hobby from Indiana. Current models, photos, contact, and related links.
Jonghun Lee's R/C Site
From Seoul, Korea - RC Pattern, scale, stunt scale, and sports/fun planes with lots of good photos.
Kaza's Radio Control Page
This site has information about RC airplanes, how a beginner started, and has progressed.
Kraig's Web Corner
Information from a licensed pilot who flies quarter scale and ducted fan RC model airplanes.
Lance's Jet Page
Lance Campbell's page dedicated to the fun and enjoyment of the ducted fan and turbine RC model aircraft hobby.
Lone Wulffe R/C
The adventures of Jupes and Pilsner, two friends who started in the RC model aircraft hobby in January of 1998.
Lyman Slack's Aviation Site
Here, you will find RC photos, models in the hangar, ones on the bench, as well as RC hints and articles.
Maltese Modellers Radio Control Aircraft Site
Information, pictures, projects, events, and related links.
Mike's park/slow/indoor RC Flyers
Information on small electric planes and jets, video, pictures, CAD downloads, and the GWS EDF-50 powered Mig 15 scratch build.
About R/C model planes, helicopters, technics, R/C information, related links, and photos.
My Jet Engine Projects
Information on building a pulsejet or turbojet engine.
Nicolas and Ivan Pinzon's world of RC Scale Aerobatics. From Colombia, South America, currently living in Milton, Canada, sharing the joy of RC model airplanes.
Radio Control Aircraft in Massachusetts
Jason's page about flying his model airplanes and helicopters at the Quinopoxet Model Flying Club.
Radio Control Planes
By Jamal Dortch, the brother of an RC model airplane hobbyist. This site deals mainly with things that happen at the ACMA club in Irvington, Alabama.
Radio Control Projects
Videos, pictures, and plans of unusual RC model airplanes.
Radio Controlled Electric Flight Projects
By Ken Hill - Guide to building hi performance and inexpensive foam RC electric aircraft.
Radio-Control Airplanes
Videos and pictures of Camille's models, in flight and under construction.
Randy's Model Aircraft Page
RC model airplane interest.
RC Airplanes
Gallery of RC airplane pictures.
RC Flying Toys
Radio Control model aircraft resources, reviews, and personal models.
RC Planes
A blog with tips and helpful information on flying RC airplanes.
Illustrated construction of a CAP 10 with free dxf plan, Me 109, techniques used to reproduced details, and photopack for scale details. [French site with English option]
RC model aircraft videos, pictures of flight, and construction.
Rock's RC World
Model aviation planes, people, and events from Hampton, Newport News, and York County Virginia.
Rolf Ejme's Homepage
Mainly RC model aircraft information and pictures from before WW II.
Roy's RC TV
RC model airplane videos, pictures, and related links.
Sams RC
Dedicated to anyone interested in RC model aviation. Aircraft, pictures, projects, and related links.
San Diego Parkflyers
Pictures, tips, and video clips of several radio controlled parkflyer model aircraft.
Scale Flight RC Airplanes
Dedicated to scale aerobatic and scale military airplanes. Building information and photos.
Scottish F3A Aerobatics and Freestyle
F3A tips, pictures, contacts, and event dates in Scotland.
Single Stick Transmitter Stuff
RC single stick transmitter information and some newer electric powered model airplanes. Pictures, history, and contacts.
Skylane42`s Plane Page
Bill Kelseys' RC model airplane homepage from SW Michigan with events, pictures, links, and is the unofficial site for the Kalamazoo Thunderbirds RC Club.
Smokin' Joe's RC Airplane Page
Information and pictures of Joes' RC airplanes as well as aviation FAQs and RC links.
Stefan's Electric R/C Web Site
Electric powered model aircraft information, projects, software, and related links.
Tomonori Hisao R/C Homepage
A site from Japan with content about RC pattern and a close to home model flying field.
Torkrolls' RC Gallery
Photo gallery of Jerry Brians' Piper Cub, canards, paraplanes, and helicopters.
Site contains ideas for wireless aerial video on model airplanes and related links.
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