Control-line model airplanes are flown in a circle, attached to a handle by a set of lines. The pilot can control the flight of the model by manipulating the handle.

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Aero Products
Designs and sells kits, motors, and products for the radio control and control line enthusiast.
Dedicated to control line model aviation with photos, films, reports, daily updates, and considerable information for beginners as well as veterans. [multi-language site with English option]
Andy Whortons Control Line
A source of information for those flyers or spectators who want to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of C/L model aircraft flying in the United Kingdom.
Barry Baxter's Controlline Plans Service
Source for vintage control line combat and stunt airplane plans. History, available plans, and ordering information.
Brodak Control Line Flying
Information, announcements, and tutorials.
C/L Speed Review
Reaches out to novice modelers who have a strong interest in C/L speed and to promote the North American Speed Society.
Carrier Deck
Information about the CL carrier deck event and also items of more general aeronautical interest.
Control Line Aerobatic Pilots Association
This British association draws its members from those modelers having a real interest in the promotion of C/L aerobatics as a continuing sport.
Control Line Aeromodeling Link Page
This page is intended to list as many sites that have to do with C/L as is possible.
Control Line Airplanes - Original Ring
Collection of CL model aviation sites linked in usual ring fashion.
Control Line Combat Model Airplanes
Information and photos of the '99 East Coast super slow combat champs at this CL site.
Control Line Model Flying
CL model site by Göran Olsson from Stockholm, Sweden.
Control Line Team Munich
Information about all aspects of flying in the combat category F2D. German site with English language option.
Dallas Model Aircraft Association
Control Line activity in the north Texas area is fostered and supported by DMAA.
Dayton Buzzin Buzzards
Control line club information, projects, pictures, calendar, contacts, and related links.
Jim Walker's American Junior Classics
Dedicated to the life of Jim Walker and his American Junior Aircraft Company. Developer of the U-Control system of Control Line flying still in use today.
Kaz Minato's World
Personal control line model aviation site from Japan.
Mid-Iowa Control Liners
Model aviation club information, newsletter, officers list, pictures, events, and related links.
National Control Line Racing Association
NCLRA is the official AMA recognized special interest group for Control Line Racing.
Nostalgia Diesel Combat
Information about a low tech., low speed, low performance, and high fun CL event where everybody gets lots of flying and the destruction is minimal.
Progress Aero Works
Makers of PAW diesel engines for model airplanes and other types of precision engineering. Product line data, contacts, tips/FAQs, photos, and related links.
RSM Distribution
Control line model aviation kits, supplies, and accessories. Order by phone.
Stuka Stunt Works
A site for the model airplane enthusiast, offering useful products, help, hints, and ideas for the promotion of control line stunt.
Supercool Racing Propellers
Articles on control line flying and technical articles on prop performance.
U-Control 2000
All controline website with 600+ plans catalog, photo galleries, free downloads, and related links.
Wakkerman Combat Engines
Information for CL model engine builders including negative moulding, how to make engines, competition reports, and the FMV story.

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