Sites about multiple types of aircraft, with more than just photos. If there are just photos, but no fact sheets, analysis, or extensive annotation, etc, then the site should be listed in Image Galleries.

If the site is devoted entirely to one model of aircraft, then it should be listed under the appropriate aircraft-specific sub-category.

Sites that sell military aircraft art/media should be submitted to Shopping: Visual Arts: Genres: Aviation and Military.

Airstrike Online
Information and pictures of Russian aircraft from helicopters to fighters.
The AMARC Experience
Guide to how the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona.
Aviation site with articles and photographs of all kinds of military aircraft from various air forces around the world.
Providing information, pictures, and photographs of the world's military aircraft.
Derek Bridges
Includes military aircraft designations from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and China (PRC).
Photos and brief fact sheets for fighter planes from around the world.
Global Aircraft
Offers information and photographs, and interactive games, tests.
Global Security
Fact sheets and photos of U.S. warplanes, including currently operational, developmental, and retired.
Lukas Czarnecki
Description and photos of several aircraft.
Marc's Aviation Website
Information on modern military aircraft from all over the world.
Military aviation website by Niels Hillebrand. Aircraft and airforce directories with information, specifications, history, picture galleries, and related links.
Military Aviation
General information, squadron lists, and photos for various U.S. and Royal Norwegian aircraft.
Military Aviation Library
A guide to military aircraft (1970-present).
The Mix
Military aircraft photos, sounds, patches, medals, news, FS98 and Falcon 4.0 aircraft
Preserved US Military Aircraft
List of US military aircraft on display and links to aviation museums.
Skytamer Images
Aircraft photo collection, museum guide, serial numbers, registration numbers (N-Numbers), tail codes, aircraft manufacturer codes, US military aircraft designations, Airshow Calendar.
Swedish Military Aviation
Technical and historical information on Swedish military aviation.
US Military Aviation Designation Systems
Explanations and listings of designations used by the US armed services for aviation related equipment.
Photos, data sheets, and news.
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