A Blog is a cross between an online journal and an e-zine. Blogs generally have links to and commentaries about other websites. Blog entries are usually dated.
A weblog grasping the auto industry with test drives and commentary on articles from other sites.
Adam's Auto Advice
Blog that covers auto shows, news, reviews, industry opinions, maintenance tips and anything to do with cars or vehicles.
Auto Power Girl
Features auto news, high resolution car wallpapers, reviews and videos.
The Auto Prophet
A blog about the auto industry, by an engineer who works in it.
Provides new car reviews and automotive industry news.
AutoMedia Blog
Deals with automotive news, reviews and previews along with a weekly automotive digest.
Automobiles Review
A web blog and online community, which provides automobile news, reviews, tuning information and auto shows coverage.
Car news, reviews, editorials, event coverage, and pictures. Specializes in enthusiast cars but covers the whole automotive industry as well as video games and technology related to cars.
Automotive Addicts
Delivers daily automotive industry news, commentary on car reviews and test drives.
Automotive news, car reviews, test drives, videos and latest information on cars and the automotive industry.
Autos of Interest
Information about automotive concepts, show cars and production vehicles, both modern and historic
Bridge To Gantry
A blog concentrating on the Nurburgring Nordschleife race track in Germany. Includes guides, news, prototype spy shots from testing, and photos and videos from racing and public driving.
German car news, modified car talk, F1 news, virtual rides, and Zoopedup events.
Provides news and reviews about cars, latest spy shots.
Offers daily updated automotive videos, focussing on fails, Russian dash cams, crashes, and humour.
Online car news magazine that features vehicle reviews, editorials, breaking news.
A daily web blog with scoops and news from the auto industry.
Cheers and Gears
Community lead automotive news and reviews. Includes forums and picture gallery.
The College Driver
News, auto show coverage, reviews and opinions on cars, maintenance, car ownership, car care and travel.
CollisionMax MaxTrax
Highlights traffic safety issues, includes information on accidents and repairs.
Daily Derbi
Specializes on car news, road tests and tips for car enthusiasts.
Driven Wheels
Provides automotive news, car reviews, and motorsport coverage. Based in Canada.
Features the latest news on the automotive industry along with reviews.
Engine Swap Depot
Dedicated to engine swapping. Information about various car modification projects and car tuning in general is also offered.
Generation High Output
Automotive blog featuring photos and editorials of rare and interesting vehicles from all makes and decades.
Offers automotive and motorsport news, photo galleries, videos and a community forum.
Daily automobile news and gossip for those obsessed with the cult of cars.
Jay Leno's Garage
Personal video reviews on exclusive cars, useful articles and advice by Jay Leno.
Leftlane News
Deals with automotive premieres, car reviews and latest information of the car niche.
Life Blasters
A blog operated by four photographers who follow drift events around the US and the world. In between, they document their travels, things and people they encounter.
Automotive blog presenting the latest car news from India and all over the world.
Motoring Exposure
Dedicated to exotic sport cars with reviews, galleries and videos.
Automotive news blog, presenting the latest cars and trends of the industry.
Provides real-world car reviews and feet-on-the-street reports from fuel-efficient transportation, in addition to historical mileage data.
Muscle Vehicles
A blog that covers news, pictures and videos of American muscle cars.
Nurburgring and automotive news with photos from around the world.
Car tuning weblog, featuring JDM, traditional US tuning and articles on custom car projects worldwide.
Includes motoring news, reviews, drive tests and blogs.
Covers news and opinion stories about the automotive industry, focusing mainly on the US market.
Offers news about automobiles, motorcycles and Formula 1.
Zero 2 Turbo
A daily updated car blog from South Africa featuring news, views and reviews related to the automotive world.
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