In their heyday, woodies were often the most expensive cars offered by a manufacturer and many tallied impressive sales figures. Woodies have always satisfied the need for stylish transport of people and parcels. The earliest woodie automobiles were utilitarian adaptations of the 'Rockaway' horse-drawn carriage and canopied express trucks. By the thirties, fashionable American woodie station wagons were pressed into service by lodges, inns and country clubs. At about the same time, wealthy land-owners with country estates adopted the woodie for suburban transportation - frequently with a chauffeur at the wheel. In Europe, wood was utilized by coachbuilders of exquisite vehicles for the aristocrat. During the World War II, wood construction saved steel for critical war-time uses. After the war, the middle class found mass-produced woodie wagons perfect for family travels. The popularity of woodies for personal transportation peaked mid-century. By the late fifties and sixties, used car dealers had plenty of cheap, poorly maintained wood-clad cars. Surfers found these bargains perfect for hauling their longboards in search of the perfect wave. A sub-culture and a car became legend.
Austin Woodies
Wood-bodied English shooting brakes once manufactured by Austin Motor Cars.
AutoWire.Net: Everybody Loves a Woodie
Brief history of woodies featuring a restored 1938 Ford Station Wagon.
AutoWire.Net: The Remarkable Morris Minor
Brief history of the Alex Issigonis' classic British people's car, featuring the Traveller woodie station wagon.
CarNut: Woodies Photo Gallery
Several pages of photographs of woodies, ranging from mild to wild.
Da-Woody: San Diego's Most Famous Carboat
A former Sea World woodie replica takes to the high seas.
Dodge Power Wagon Woodie
Photos of a unique 4WD woodie with history of wooden body builders J.T. Cantrell and Campbell Mid-State.
MTFCA Photo Gallery: Hacks & Misc.
Wood-bodied hacks in the Model T Ford Club of America photo gallery.
National Woodie Club
3,000 member club for all woody enthusiasts and owners of wood bodied cars and trucks. News, events calendar, photos and contacts.
San Diego Woodies
Application, calendar, board rides, meetings, newsletter, event pictures, classifieds, contact and members.
Santa Cruz Woodies
A chapter of the National Woodie Club. Woodies on the Wharf, membership, events and gallery.
Southern California Woodie Club
An official chapter of the National Woodie Club, this site is designed for the wooden car enthusiast and describes member activities and events.
Traveller Timbers
Specialist Timber Manufacturers for the Morris Minor Traveller woodie wagon in Yorkshire, UK.
Treehouse Woods: Custom Woodies
Custom automobile and woodie parts supplier who builds hotrod woodies in Florida.
WebRing: Woodie Station Wagon
List of woody web sites on a web ring devoted exclusively to woodies.
Woodie Discussion Group
E-mail discussion list about woody cars and events.
Woodies: S.T. Foreman Woodwork Restorations
UK shop is also known as "Woodies". They specialize in timber frames for classic cars, particularly the Morris Traveller.
Woody Wagon
Photo gallery in chronological order, classifieds, advertisements, chat room and contact.
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