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Home Recording is the art and science of audio engineering in the simplified setting of one's own home. While some enthusiasts have well equipped studios in their own homes, others have only a 4 track tape recorder, a microphone, and a passion to create sound.

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Audio Geek Zine
In this site, you can find some gear reviews, technical discussion on digital recording theory as well as lots of tips in audio mixing/mastering.
Audio Issues
Blog focusing on the digital technology of tracking and audio mixing tips.
Audio Recording
Detailed tutorials illustrating the basics in recording, audio mixing and mastering. It includes tips in managing a music business.
A resource for anyone doing home recording including: news, product/equipment reviews, latest releases and community discussions.
The Big Picture
Bobby Owsinski blog on music production. It includes tips useful for home recording and audio mixing.
Ethan Winer Home Acoustic Treatment
You can read lots of details about home studio acoustic treatment and setup.
Forum for professional and amateur recording, mixing/mastering engineers to share techniques and advice.
Home Brew Audio
You can find a lot of details on how to set up your own home recording studio. It contains tutorials and gear recommendations for your studio.
Home Studio Corner
The site includes free video tutorials illustrating techniques in music production. It contains beginner articles and productivity tips.
This is a forum for beginners in home recording and music production. It offers community support for different digital audio workstation software.
Blog features beginner articles and techniques for home music production.
The Penguin Producer
This is a site about creating original recording using the Linux operating system, including video, audio, and graphics.
The Pro Audio Files
Community blog of audio professionals sharing useful tips about home music production.
Production Advice
Blog contains tips and techniques in mastering and audio mixing at home.
An online magazine about recording gear and techniques. Microphone database and search engine.
Sound Recording Advice
A book on building a home recording studio, tips on recording music, purchasing recording equipment, sample recordings.
Trust Me I'm a Scientist
A non-commercial music magazine for people who make music. It features techniques in home recording and industry reviews.
Basic tutorials on recording and audio mixing. Community and user-generated content with screenshots and lots of illustrations.
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