Recreation Audio HiFi Personal Pages
A resource for HiFi enthusiasts covering history, how-to and listening enjoyment.
Provides information about early KEF speaker drive units, cabinets and crossovers and provides a forum facility for people interested in KEF speakers.
Berner's McIntosh Site
Information and links on McIntosh audio items. Also online owner's and service manual.
The Best of Sansui
Sansui Electric vintage stereo receivers and amplifiers, with company history, including international and Japanese domestic markets.
BFD Guide
A guide to setting up the BFD parametric subwoofer equalizer, with access to the BFD Forum.
Cary 303/300 photos
An inside look at the Cary 303/300 CD Player player.
David's Audio Site
Enthusiast site of equipment from SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics), including equipment from GAS, SUMO, Infinity, Transcendent Sound, Bottlehead, and Decware.
Gresh's Audio Tweaks,Suggestions and Links
An audiophile's advice on affordable highend and related topics.
HiFi by HiFiJohn
The personal hi-fi projects of an audiophile.
Jim's SAE Site
Dedicated to the preservation of stereo equipment designed and/or manufactured by Scientific Audio Electronics.
Lansing Heritage
James B. Lansing's speaker legacy includes Lansing, JBL and Altec Lansing and the superb speaker designs his companies produced, with many vintage photos.
Luxman Vintage Audio Products
Covers vintage Luxman components, ads, and links including the current Luxman Japan site.
Marantz, JBL & Altec Lansing Fansite
A personal audio collection featuring the JBL Paragon speaker system with Marantz and Altec Lansing audio equipment.
Mark's Project Pages
DIY audio and electronics projects.
New Audio Amplifier Design
A new amplifier design based on a modified Class B amp, with full circuit diagram description and relevant notes.
New Horizons in Tube Technologies
Includes site covering the engineering contributions of Hashimoto transformers and other components with relation to Sansui, and new products today.
Philips DCC130
Information and a brief history on the first portable Digital Compact Cassette (DCC) player and the DCC format.
Rick's Tannoy Autograph Speakers
Construction details and photographs of a reproduction of the classic Tannoy Autograph loudspeakers built by Rick Norrish of Australia.
Romy the Cat's Audio Site
High-End Audio site about the evolved methods of music reproduction with weblogs on various audio subjects.
Steve Ekblad's Audiogrid
Features music reviews, guitar gallery, audio factory reviews, and an audio link list.
Site focusing on Scientific Audio Electronics, Carver Audio and Martin-Logan.
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