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American Artifacts
Articles on 19th century corn shellers, cow milkers, grain cradles, mower and reaper sharpeners, as well as antique farm tools for sale and U.S. patent searches.
Antique Tools FAQ
FAQ designed to address the most frequently asked questions about antique tools on rec.woodworking.
Directory of American Tool and Machinery Patents
A clearinghouse for information on antique tool and woodworking machine patents, allowing collectors of these tools to easily find information about the history of tools and trades.
Disstonian Institute
Information for users and collectors of all models of Disston handsaws.
Don Bosse's Miller's Patent Page
Describes Miller's Patent Plow Plane. Includes nomenclature, photos, origin and history of Charles Miller and his planes.
The Electronic Neanderthal
A repository of information on the use and preservation of old and antique woodworking tools.
Fine Tool Journal
Magazine for those who collect hand tools, use them, or just study their history.
Hyper Kitten: Old Tools
Interesting and vintage tools.
Mel Miller's Web Site
Collecting old tools since the mid 80s, specializing in Davis Levels and Patented planes.
A Millers Falls Home Page
A company history and description of tools manufactured by the Millers Falls Company from the mid-1860's until the closure of its Massachusetts operation in 1982.
Old Tool Photos
A site for woodworkers and tool collectors to view photos of antique tools for research and reference.
The Old Tools Company
Offers a variety of antique and used woodworking tools, along with many collectable planes like Norris, Record and Stanley planes.
Dedicated to antique and vintage hand tools, especially wrenches. Discussion forum for the community of buyers, sellers, and collectors.
Patrick Leach's Stanley B&G
Gratuitous graphical blandishment by Allan Fisher.
Patrick's Blood And Gore
Information about Stanley planes; what they look like, what they do, what common parts are missing, what flaws they suffered during use.
Saw Set Collector's Resource
Mark Conley provides information with pictures, patent numbers and dates as a resource for other collectors.
Saw Sets and Vintage Saw Tool Museum
Very informative site with photo display and history of saw sets and saw tools.
Sawdust and Shavings
Features projects, reviews of hand and power tools, woodworking book reviews, rants and a hardwood information chart.
Devoted to information on the history, restoration and use of vintage woodworking machinery developed through contributions by many enthusiasts of antique iron.
Vintage Saws
To provide the highest quality saws of the 19th and 20th Century to the woodworker and collector alike.
Zangobob's Blow Torch Heaven
Focuses on the use, functional operation, repair, troubleshooting and failure mode analysis of gasoline blow torches. Includes articles, FAQs and links.
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