Recreation Antiques Telephones and Telegraphs
Included are all web sites that relate to the development and description of Telegraphs and Telephones. Included are commercial sites that have this equipment for sale as well as informational sites devoted to the historical preservation of these communications tools.

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Cyber Telephone Museum
A showcase of rare antique telephones in vintage condition with close up, detailed pictures, and related information.
Abdy Antique Telephones
UK. Specialists in the restoration and renovation of British vintage telephones circa 1915-1986.
AndHow! Antique Telephones
Buy, sell and trade antique telephones.
Antique Telephone History
Informative personal website offers telephone history, images and descriptions.
Chicago Old Telephone Company
Antique telephone dealer specializing in many varieties of antique phones.
Classic Telephon
A Swiss company specializing in vintage phones. Repair, restoration and sale.
Ericofons by Richard Rose
A collection of Ericofon facts and photos.
The Good Old Red Telephone Box
Specialists in procuring and renovating British red telephone boxes, kiosks, and booths.
The Museum of Communications
A communications related museum located in Seattle, WA with a variety of antique telephones, and telegraph equipment.
My Favorite
Offering replica antique phones, antique pay phones and country wall phones.
The Old Telephone Company
English site of old and antique quality telephones from the turn of the 19th century.
Old Telephones as Entertainment
A collection of a variety of telephones with photo and descriptions.
Seller of novelty character phones as well as touch tone and antique dial telephones.
Pictures of a telephone collection along with assorted phones and parts for sale. Other antiques also listed on this site.
Dealer of refurbished antique phones and many different novelty phones. Also offers many parts for old phones and payphones.
Collector offers a photo gallery and information about mostly British telephones.
Seller of antique and novelty telephones.
Play Things of Past
Sale and repair vintage radios, telephones and parts.
The Strowger Telecomms Page
The history of electromechanical telephone exchanges based on the principles of Almon B. Strowger.
Sun Survey Systems
Manufactures and exports replicas of antique survey and nautical equipment, and brass and wooden telephones.
The Telephone Company of Prince Edward Island
Includes the history of the telephone and telephone company on Prince Edward Island, independent companies and photographs of early phones.
Telephone Historical Centre
Site offers information on visiting the Telephone Museum and Science Centre. Also features some sample images of the collection online.
Telephone Lines
A UK site offering mostly wooden antique phones with many pictures and styles.
Telephone Tribute
History of telephones, telephone companies, and services. Includes photographs and list of clubs for collectors.
Unicorn Kiosks
Sales of restored British kiosks and telephones.
Antique Telephones for sale from two dealers.
VTS Industrial Company
Services include dial repair for antique phones.

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