Sites with educational content about antique rugs and other textiles of interest to collectors fall within this category. Textiles other than rugs include garments, utilitarian objects (containers, for example) and trappings of various kinds.

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Alberto Levi Gallery
Antique textiles and carpets; periodic exhibitions.
Antique Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania
Based on Stefano Ionescu's book of the same title, with over 260 color photos of antique rugs.
Antique Rug and Textile Arts Association
Annual antique rugs and textiles fair.
Armenian Rugs Society
Organization devoted to the appreciation of Armenian rugs.
Brandon Oriental Rugs
Nice introductory material for the newcomer to the rug world.
Carpet Encyclopedia
Information about all aspects of care and collecting of oriental rugs. Multilingual.
Cetinkaya Gallery
Well known Istanbul dealer in antique textiles, with live and on-line exhibitions.
Christopher Legge
Sales, restoration and cleaning of antique and new oriental carpets.
Claudio Mariani
Commercial site with images of Tibetan and Chinese rugs and a list of recommended readings.
Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs
Photos and information about antique oriental rugs.
deYoung Museum Textiles
Includes collection of images and information from the San Francisco museum.
Emmett Eiland's Oriental Rugs
San Francisco bay area (Berkeley) dealer's site has topical articles about oriental rugs.
Rugs and kilims, largely from Konya, Turkey, with many images and some background information.
Gallery Moshe Tabibnia
Milan dealer in antique rugs and textiles, with exhibitions and essays.
Gallery Tulip
Antique textiles from the silk road countries. In English and Japanese.
Quarterly journal for textile collectors. English and Italian editions.
Hajji Baba Club
Activities, news and photos of events of the New York based rug collector club.
English periodical devoted to oriental rugs, textiles, and Islamic Art.
Haliden Oriental Carpets
Dealers in antique oriental carpets, Persian rugs, tribal rugs and trappings. Cleaning, restoration, repair, and conservation services.
Handmade Rug Repair Blog
Discussion and news about repair of hand made rugs.
Harlequin Thunderstrand
A nice online catalog of antique rugs and back issues of Hali.
International Conference on Oriental Carpets
Organization dedicated to carpet and textile arts, with conventions every three years, and books for sale.
International Hajji Baba Society
Rug collector club in Washington, D.C.
Jacobsen Rugs, Inc.
A commercial site with lots of information, especially useful for the novice collector.
JBOC's Notes on Oriental Rugs
Barry O'Connell's opinions of oriental rugs and the people involved with them.
Articles, auction news, sales gallery and information about oriental rugs.
Keshishian Carpets
Dealer (New York and London) in oriental rugs and textiles.
Kilims and other textiles, with articles and a discussion forum.
Kosker Traditional Rug Repair
Restoration, repair and cleaning antique rugs.
The Lenkoran Gallery of Antique Textile Arts
A gallery in London, England featuring a range of pieces from different parts of the world.
Mark Keshishian and Sons
Dealer site with some articles about rugs.
New England Rug Society
Organization for collectors of rugs and textiles.
Information about Persian rugs; cleaning, texture, sizes, color, materials, knots, values.
One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles
Exhibition of Chinese textiles, on display in 1995 at the Hong Kong Museum of Art.
Oriental Rug Society in Gothenburg (Sweden)
A non-commercial society for collectors of oriental textiles, includes exhibitions, photos and facts.
Oriental Rugs History
Informational site with brief essays about weaving, materials, dyes, design, classification and history of oriental rugs.
Oriental Rugs, The Connoisseur's Guide
Recommendations for identifying and evaluating oriental rugs and carpets.
Perryman Carpets
Australian dealer in textiles, restoration and cleaning services.
Persian Carpet
Cultural information and history related to Persian carpets.
Rippon Boswell & Co
International auction house specializing in antique carpets and textiles.
Rug Rag
Information about oriental rugs including new, old and antiques. Also includes a forum where consumers can get help identifying rug type, age and value.
Antique rugs from many sellers. Also, a number of exhibitions by collectors and dealers.
San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society
Large, active rug collector club, with on-line exhibitions.
Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs
A scholarly article by a collector, Gerard Paquin.
Tea and Carpets
Noncommercial site with talk, news, and links about oriental carpets and carpet collecting them.
Textile Museum
Washington, DC museum devoted to textile arts. Information on exhibitions, educational programs, textile learning center, and shop.
Textile Museum of Canada
Toronto's museum devoted to textiles.
A site from a dealer with a wide range of Asian textiles.
Tibetan Carpets
Dealer in new and old Tibetan carpets, with some cultural background information.
Tribal Art at
A personal collection and exchange of oriental, tribal rugs.
Tschebull Antique Carpets
Informative commercial site, by one of the leading authorities on northwest Persian and Caucasian rugs.
Urartu Carpets & Kilims
Oriental rugs and textiles from Anatolia and central Asia.
Vanishing Textiles
Selections from an exhibition/book on ethnographic textiles.
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