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This category is for image galleries and restoration notes for collections of vintage radios owned by individuals, especially vacuum tube and crystal sets.

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Antique Japanese Radios
A gallery of tube radios collected by Koji Hayashi. Information and photos of Japanese tubes, plus a section on the TV7/U tube tester. [Much of the text is in a Japanese character set, but captions and links are still readable in English.]
Antique Wireless And Scientific Instruments
Photos of John D. Jenkins' early American, British and French wireless sets and related equipment, mostly dating from the '20s.
Art's Antique Radios
Photo gallery of console and tabletop, wood and plastic sets, plus Coke, Pepsi, and other novelty radios.
Beert's Virtual Radio Museum
A private collection with some European antique radios, including several SBR (Societé Belge de Radiophonie) models. [English, Dutch, and French]
Bill's Antique Radio Emporium
Bill Harris' restoration projects, radio repair tips, an article about how the Rural Electrification Authority gave rise to the popularity of radio in rural America, a history of the NBC network identification chimes, and a cross-referenced directory for matching radio brand names to the name of the actual manufacturers.
Boatanchor Pix
Rich Post, KB8TAD, shows his boat anchor pictures. Radios arranged by brand and model, with commentary on repairs and condition as well as history.
Classic Radio Gallery
Antique radios from the 1920s thru the 1940s, sorted by type (wood, plastic, transistor) and by country of origin. Also shows a number of vintage microphones and radio speakers
Dave's Classic and Antique Radio Collection
Collection of wooden and plastic radios dating from the 1930s to the 1960s, restored and refinished by Dave.
Douwe's Tuberadioplaza
Photos of a collection of European multi-band tube radios, including Philips, Graetz and Pathe brands and ranging from 1934 to 1962.
Early Wireless
From the UK. A collection of vintage wireless sets, amplifiers, loudspeakers, test equipment, valves (tubes) and other items. Includes pictures and articles about crystal sets, early radio and the BBC.
Features Jon Stanley's collection of US-made radios (some with restoration notes) and tube boxes. Also includes other vintage equipment, projects and resources.
FM-Only Radios
Andrew Mitz presents an introduction to collecting early table and portable radios that receive only the FM band.
Gary Breaux's Vintage Philco Radios
Gallery of photos of cathedral and tombstone radios from 1930 to 1935, with links, tips, and the current restoration project.
Gerard's Radio Corner
Gerard Tel's personal collection of Dutch and other European radios, especially Philips and Tesla models. He has articles on the Van Der Heem Development Laboratory, post-WWII Czech radio design history, Mullard tube type numbers, and the Krijnen collection.
Hammond Museum of Radio
A museum in Guelph, Ontario, honoring old radio and transmitter equipment, from Marconi's spark transmitter to Reginald Fessenden's development of voice broadcast. They show photo albums about early broadcasters such as CBL, CFRB, CBA, CKPC, KDKA, WBZ, and CFCA.
Jim's Antique Radio Museum
A collection of antique standard broadcast and amateur radios spanning the early 20's up to the 70's.
John Rose's Vintage Radio Home
A collection of tube radios, with photos and restoration notes. His main collecting interest is in Canadian-made radios, especially models by Northern Electric.
Bart Berg provides photos of his shack which include a Johnson Viking Invader 2000 and National HRO-60. Pengilly, Minnesota.
Lin Robertson's Old-Time Radio
KJ6EF offers tips on collecting, photos of part of his collection and humor.
Mid Century Radios
A collection of homemade radios, tube radios, transistor radios, shortwave radios, radio kits and reel-to-reel tape recorders.
Mike's Radio Page
Mike Horne shows his collection of radios that he's restored, from the 1930s to the '60s, including some rare German and Dutch models.
Misc Stuff
A collection of handmade microphones and other electronic projects.
New World of Radio Entertainment
Jim Worden's virtual radio museum with restoration photos, vintage advertising featuring the displayed models, and news headlines. Includes titles of radio programs on the air when each model came out.
Tube and transistor radios collected by George S. Kaczowka over 25 years, from US and foreign manufacturers. The reference section includes "Ask the Zenith oracle" about the chassis and possible models of Zenith radios made between 1927 and 1949, from as little as a serial number.
Large collection of antique wooden radios from the 1930s, with consoles, cathedrals, tombstones and a large Zenith collection, including several Stratosphere models.
Paulo Moreira
A personal page on microelectronics, optoelectronics and vintage radios, with a small image gallery of his radios and several vacuum tube data sheets.
Phil's Old Radios
Antique radios and memorabilia, with photos and commentary.
Devoted to the preservation of plastic tube radios, in bakelite, plaskon, and hard plastic.
Radio Gort
Photos of older European transistor portables, tube radios, receivers, and speakers. Closeups of details of each model.
Radio Heaven
Ron Lawrence's (KC4YOY) collection includes several Atwater Kent sets and vintage amateur radio gear.
The Radio Page
Chris King's collection of wooden consoles, cathedrals, tombstones, table models, plastic and Canadian radios. Features a gallery of closeups of dials, including some that are lit.
Radio Will
Photos and brief descriptions of some vintage and retro North American-made radios in wooden, plastics, clock, portable, and solid state categories.
Radiomuseum Rottenburg/Laaber
Museum in Rottenburg, Germany reviews the past 75 years of radio history, mainly broadcasting but also aircraft radio equipment, microphones, tubes, test equipment, Edison cylinders, record players and tape recorders. [German and English]
John Pelham's collection, with pictures and information on wood and plastic American-made tabletop radios from the '30s and '40s, transistor radios, and a mint-condition Drake Ham radio setup. His non-radio items include wristwatches, small clocks, portable tape recorders, and Christmas lights.
Red Star Radio Site
A gallery of antique Soviet-built radios and gramophones, with examples from the collection of Vitaly Brousnikin. Features schematics, tube information, manufacturers' logos, and RealAudio clips of Russian popular music from the various periods. (English and Russian)
Richard's Radios
Illustrated personal collection of vintage (mainly British) wireless radio and electrical test equipment.
Rolf Bergendorff's Radio Museum
Swedish site provides photos of old radios, sorted by manufacturer. [Swedish, German and English]
Sal's Antique Radios
US-made radios, communications receivers, and test equipment, plus schematics and instructions for building a Knight AM Broadcaster/Transmitter. Includes a special section of Blonder-Tongue sets, with photo of the author with Ben Tongue and Isaac Blonder.
The Valve Page
UK collector Jonathan Evans' personal collection of vintage British and European tube radios, televisions, and test equipment, many with brief technical and restoration notes. He also provides general information for restoration and valve (tube) design.
WJOE Radio
This site is dedicated to the collecting and preservation of radio. There is an online Antique Radio Price Guide as well as a virtual museum.
Wouter's Antieke Radio Site
Wouter Nieuwlaat's radios and print advertisements, mostly by Philips plus a few other European brands, several articles on restoration, and a links page. [English and Dutch]
Wumpus's Old Radio World
Photos and data for many German-made radios and wireless equipment, including a special section on the Volksempfanger models.
Ye Olde Valve Radios
A gallery of antique radios, jukebox and phonographs owned by Keith Anabell and his son, in Auckland New Zealand. Includes some history and chassis information.
Yesterday's Waves
Antique radio restoration projects, with several Canadian models. [English, French]
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