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AA5 History
A description of the classic "All-American" five-tube superheterodyne AC/DC AM radio circuit used in the majority of consumer receivers made in North America, from the 1930s through to the '60s. Includes a tube substitution table and a typical schematic diagram.
Atwater Kent Tech Resources
Provides service manuals, schematics, and reference material for technicians involved in restoring and maintaining sets built from 1921 to 1936. Also includes parts fabrication drawings and high-quality redrawn schematics. The Antenna section features indoor installations from the manufacturer's instructions.
Crystal Set Design, TRF and Edison radios
Original articles on the design of crystal radio sets with additional articles on TRF and the Edison Company radios as well as antique hearing aids.
Dave's Homemade Radios
Dave's home built tube radios and crystal sets. Schematics and FAQ.
FM Pilotuner 601
Rick Botti provides the instructions issued by Pilot Radio Corporation for hooking up the T-601 FM tuner to a typical vintage AM-only radio set that is not already equipped with a phono input. He also has also scans of the owner's manual, and of service notes for the T-601 including the schematic, parts list, and alignment procedure.
Gootee Systems
Personal collection of antique radios and electronics, vacuum tube equipment repair advice, resistor decade box plans.
Vintage radio restoration service, by Ron Ramirez Enterprises. Features a gallery of older Philco models, downloadable schematics, do-it-yourself servicing and tuning tips, identification and dating guide. FAQ
The newsgroup FAQ separated into several different pages, with topics ranging from vacuum tube design, to suppliers, tools and test equipment, cabinet restoration, and trouble-shooting tips.
Restoration of German Tube Radios - Walter's Radioflier
Index of schematics and tube data sheets that he has available. Hints for the repair of several sets, including a Volksempfänger VE 301 GW. List of spare parts that he has plus a list of parts he's looking for. [English and German]
Schemi Radio TV
Database of schematics of Italian-made radios as recent as 1950, available in pdf format. Requires free registration. [English, Italian]
Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration
Do-it-yourself repair information, valve theory, and home-made test equipment, by British collector Paul Stenning.
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