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Eric Marcotte, a Slide Rule Collector
A personal compilation of information on slide rules with much information on his own collection.
Giovanni Breda's Slide Rule Collection
Giovanni Breda shows his collection. A sheet for each rule is provided including high resolution images. Links to other collector's site are also provided.
HP Museum - Early Calculators
Some non-HP calculators that were introduced anywhere from centuries ago to the late 60's.
The International Slide Rule Group at Yahoo!
A community of slide rule enthusiasts. Several hundred posts a month.
Napier's Bones and the Genaille-Lucas Rulers
Presents Napier's Bones and the Genaille Lucas rulers in ready to print forms: Postcript and PDF.
The Oughtred Society
Membership group dedicated to the history and collection of slide rules.
Peter Holland's Slide Rules
In German and English. Items for trade with descriptions of condition.
Slide Rule Collection
Todd Tolhurst describes his collection, some with pictures.
Slide Rule Museum
Dedicated to engineers past and present, this collection of slide rules and manuals have in excess of 1000 different items scanned full size and categorized by company or continent. Also offers a glossary of slide rule terms and links.
Slide Rule Universe
Includes on line archive of rule information, plus a catalog of available instruments.
The Slide Rules
A hyperlinked history of slide rules, details of the author's personal collection, and contact information.
Slide Rules
Dedicated to one man's collection of slide rules (and includes a photo gallery), plus a few links for those who want to find out more about them or where to buy one.
Slide Rules and Calculators
Images grouped by type.
Slide Rules from German Manufacturers
A collection of slide rules, with descriptions and pictures. Also, some links to other slide rule sites.
SlideRule Trading Group
Private trading for members of the group.
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