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Aaronson, Trevor
Articles and contact information for an award-winning journalist specializing in investigations and narratives.
Abrams, Michael
Contact information and links to articles written by freelance writer Michael Abrams.
Adanja-Polak, Mira
Freelance journalist, producer, presenter and commentator on current events.
Adato, Allison
Links to samples of work in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, George Magazine, Salon and other publications by the freelance magazine writer.
Aitch, Iain
British freelancer who writes about arts, travel, and eccentricity for publications such as The Guardian, The Observer, and The Independent on Sunday. Includes profile, articles, and contact details.
Alden, Chris
London-based writer specialising in technology, media, health and travel.
Andrews, Sarah
Barcelona-based freelance travel writer and photographer who writes about travel in Catalonia, Barcelona, and the Pyrenees, Spanish fashion, and Catalan culture. Associated Press stringer for Catalonia.
Andrews, Wilson
Resume and portfolio for multimedia journalist.
Arao, Danny
Writer, teacher and webmaster. Selected writings on various issues and serves as virtual classroom for his Journalism students at the University of the Philippines (UP).
Asma, Terry and Katrina Simmons
Photojournalists doing business as 20/20studios. Includes article samples and photo gallery, stressing world travel.
Back, Karen
Articles, photographs and film information by Karen Back, an experienced freelance writer, photographer and filmmaker.
Barton, Tom
CV and homepage for UK journalist Tom Barton. Includes online cuttings and a collection of essays on British Politics.
Beckius, Kim Knox
Web home of travel writer and photographer Kim Knox Beckius, whose specialty is travel in New England.
Behar, Michael
Science editor and freelance writer from Washington, D.C. who contributes to Wired, The Economist, Outside, and Smithsonian.
Bennun, David
Collected journalism of UK newspaper and magazine writer David Bennun. Includes interviews, features, profiles and criticism.
Bist, Raju
Bombay-based freelance journalist, writing mainly on business and finance. Includes an article archive.
Blanding, Michael
Senior writer for Boston Magazine and freelance political writer for other national and international publications.
Bly, Nellie
Summary covering the careers of Nellie Bly and F. Matthias Alexander. Explains how one women her mark on American journalism.
Boone, Mary
Veteran Seattle-area freelance writer and editor specializing in profiles, business and health articles.
Bordessa, Kris
Freelance writer focusing on family issues, kids, and teens.
Brett, Daniel
British journalist based in Kolkata, India. Publications, examples and contact details.
Brooke, Bob - Writing at Its Best
Featuring the work of a freelancer, his resume, picture gallery, and reading lists. Also has resources for professional writers.
Brown, Aaron
NewsNighters Club; formed for news anchor man Aaron Brown of CNN's NewsNight.
Brumfiel, Geoff
Short summary of the career of a science journalist specializing in physics and astronomy.
Buckley, Julia
Freelance journalist based in London, UK. Career summary, portfolio of published works, guestbook, and link to weblog.
Bullard, Tim
Resume and links to online articles by the journalist, writer, photographer, and columnist in South Carolina, US.
Bush, Keith
Sample articles and C.V. of Keith Bush, a freelance writer and editor with several years' professional experience and bylines in a range of national publications.
Byrne, Peter
Reporter who writes about government and corporate corruption, crime, national security, politics, physics, and art.
Campbell, Kate
Sample articles, client list, and contact details for freelance journalist. Favors human interest and conservation reportage.
Campbell, Stuart
Contact information and links to articles by the professional freelance journalist writing primarily on video gaming, pop culture, and entertainment.
Capstick, Anthony
Broadcaster and writer on technology and business issues.
Cargill, Morris
A list of articles and books by the Jamaican journalist Morris Cargill who wrote for the newspaper Jamaican Gleaner for over 45 years. He died in the year 2000.
Chapman, Carl
Photographic image gallery and articles. Displays the work of a travel photographer, magazine editor and technology consultant.
Charnley, Holmes
Freelance journalist. Articles, links and a column.
Chenier, Jay
Fiction author and freelance journalist covering children's issues, arts, food, entertainment and non-team sports including the Ahwatukee Foothills Ballet.
Chester, Jack
Music journalist and photographer Jack Chester's portfolio of words and images.
Chhibber, Kavita
Freelance writer and journalist offers stories and interviews.
Choi, Charles Quixote
Journalist Charles Q. Choi, with links to stories of his on science and crime for international newswires and newspapers, as well as journalism resources for aspiring reporters.
Cohen, David S.
Resume, sample articles, and a photo gallery by the freelance journalist, writer, photographer, and filmmaker.
Cohen, Warren
A collection of writings by a Supervising Producer at VH1. Includes including news analysis and original Internet content.
Coia, Paul
Presenter and journalist focusing on TV and Radio.
Collier, Lorna
Freelance newspaper and magazine writer specializing in health, business, technology and general features. Biography, articles, reviews and book excerpt.
Contavespi, Vicky
Former writer for Forbes as well as in several Fortune 500 companies. Keywords: Media relations, journalism, writing, communications.
Cook, Jonathan
British journalist based in Nazareth, Israel presenting articles on the Middle East.
Cullen, Dave
Investigative journalist best known for debunking many of the biggest Columbine myths.
Curry, Andrew
A collection of photos, original content, and links to his freelance articles for the Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report and the Stanford Daily.
D'Agostino, Gianluca
Resume and sample interviews produced by Gianluca D'Agostino, with Larry King, Bill Gates, and Sali Berisha.
D'Ambrosio, Mary
Portfolio of articles covering international development, business and travel. Also teaches journalism at New York University.
Dale, Cindy-Lou
Biography and portfolio of travel writer and investigative journalist, based in Kent, England.
Daley, Dan
Journalist covering the business of media arts, production, manufacturing, distribution and related issues globally.
Davey, Steve
Travel writer and photographer based in London presenting features agency and photolibrary.
Davis, Natalie: All Facts and Opinions
Peace and justice-minded reportage by broadcast journalist, Natalie Davis. Includes biography and some details about her company, Grateful Dread Media.
De Silva, Cara
Letters on traveling and dining from the award winning journalist.
Dean, Josh
New York-based magazine writer provides work samples, articles, reportage, and contact information.
Deans, David H.
Communication technology writer offers public policy commentary on global telecom, internet, networking, broadband and wireless ICT issues.
DeBartolo, Anthony
Sample archive of feature writer drawn from the Chicago Tribune. as well as a weblog with stories and links.
Deer, Brian
Selected investigations, features and essays for The Sunday Times of London.
Dicker, Diana
Travel writer and photographer with focus on culture and people in context. Based in Devon, southwest England with international file of images and stories. Available for assignment.
Dickie, Phil and Susan Brown
Archive of investigative, environmental and other articles from an Australian freelance team.
Doler, Kathleen
Writer, editor and photojournalist presents her work.
Dow, Steve
Journalist based in Sydney, Australia who writes profile features, arts and social issues stories. Includes biographical information.
Drollette, Dan
Freelance writer and editor focusing on stories about science, technology, and environment.
Dupras, Michael: Doop 2.0 - The Evolution of a Graphic Journalist
Resume, images, and web sites produced by editorial artist for The Post-Standard in Syracuse.
Dye, Morris
Travel journalist and writer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Resume and links to published writing samples.
Ede, Jaap van
Resume of the freelance scientific journalist and consultant in industrial automation. Versions in English and Dutch.
Eedle, Paul
Paul speaks Arabic and has reported from 24 countries on four continents. He covered Israel's invasion of Lebanon, the Iran-Iraq war, and Tiananmen Square. This site describes his current projects.
Elder, Robert K.
Journalist who writes about film, the arts, travel, and music for the Chicago Tribune. Article archive and news.
Elders, Paul and Kerri
Freelance writers, consumer advocates, and editors.
Elmendorp, Ruud
Dutch freelance television journalist travels the world with his digital video camera. Includes archive of videos and weblog.
Emmins, Alan
Portfolio of the English freelance journalist includes columns, articles, and photography.
Emmott, Bill
Editor in Chief of The Economist. Biography in The Guardian. (July 8, 2002)
Espinoza, Patricio - My Reporter's NotePad
A reporter's journal. Biography, news assignments and stories of a Emmy award winning television journalist.
Fairley, Peter
Freelance writer and editor based in Toronto. Portfolio of stories on technology and the environment for newspapers as well as business, science, and educational magazines.
Ferdinand, Pamela
Works for major U.S. newspapers - including The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and Washington Post. She has written daily stories and features for newspapers and magazines covering housing, science, health, technology, politics, crime, and law.
Fernandez, Giselle
Homepage of television journalist and interviewer Giselle Fernandez. With broadcast journalism career links and writers' resources.
Fischer, Jasmin
Sample articles and resume for the writer based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Foley, Dylan
Articles about AIDS, local interest and foreign travel by a New York City freelance journalist.
Gach, P. J.
Fashion and lifestyle journalist.
Gamble, Joseph
Portfolio, weblog and stock media of the travel writer and photographer based in Tampa, Florida. He specializes in advertising, commercial and editorial photography.
Gampell, Jennifer
This Bangkok-based journalist writes informative and quirky features, profiles, snippets, and first-person rants on a broad range of cultural and social topics.
Gault, Terry
London-based freelance journalist specializing in industry, engineering, and automobiles. Article archive.
Gluckman, Ron
News, views, insights, interviews and fun travel features from around the Asian region.
Godfrey, Donald G.
Teacher and broadcaster.
Goldbeck, Christine
Award-winning photojournalist and author, Christine Goldbeck, offers information, advice, and reviews to writers and readers.
Goss, Rob: Tokyo Freelance
Career highlights and contact details for Tokyo-based freelance writer and editor.
Graber, Janna L.
A website detailing the work of freelance journalist Janna Graber.
Graham, Jefferson
USA Today technology reporter's homepage, with links to current articles.
Grant, Robin A.
Freelance journalist offers portfolio including print, audio and video samples of her work.
Green, Sherri Deatherage
Professional site for freelance journalist, PR writer and editor specializing in public relations, traffic safety, criminal justice, technology, telecommunications, food service, rural issues and other topics.
Gyimah, David
Journalist offers profile and weblog diary (Flash Required.)
Haggert, Shelley Divnich - Generation Exhausted
Weblog for freelance writer whose articles have appeared in local, regional, and national publications. She is also the editor of Windsor Parent Magazine.
Halliwell, Ed
Portfolio of the London-based journalist, now freelance and formerly deputy editor of FHM.
Handler, Judd
Articles and writing for a progressive world.
Hawksley, Humphrey
BBC World Affairs Correspondent. Resume and information about his numerous books.
Hayes, Hannah
Freelance writer focusing on public relations, web content, and all types of copywriting.
Henderson, Hazel
Economist, syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, and author of Beyond Globalization and several other books. Includes lecture schedule, articles, and ordering information for her books.
Henderson, Nigel
Samples for UK-based sports journalist, contact details, and extracts from his books The Worst Of Cricket, and The Worst of Football.
Hertsgaard, Mark
U.S. radio and print journalist. Biography, books and sample articles.
Herzog, Ari
Resume and sample articles by the freelance writer and newspaper reporter.
Hodierne, Robert
Biography of this writer, editor and photographer for newspapers, wire services, magazines and television.
Hodson, Mark
London-based travel writer and journalist who writes mainly for The Sunday Times. Biography plus links to articles, photos and contact details.
Holland, Robyn
Freelance journalist with 15 years experience based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Specialising in travel writing, human interest stories and news features.
Holmquist, Micah
Weblog maintained by Chicago based journalist who has written for Alternet, Bad Subjects, the Chicago Reporter and
Hopkin, George
Weblog of a Middle East-based journalist.
Hull, Crispin
Career highlights, contact details, and extracts from his books. Also search the text of all articles this journalist has written for The Canberra Times since June 1992.
Husted, Bill
Archive of technology columns by Bill Husted. Husted writes about technology for the Atlanta Constitution.
Hyman, Clarissa
Food and travel writer based in Manchester, England with interests in Italian, Sicilian, Jewish food, producers, restaurants, and ingredients.
James, Geoffrey
Author, journalist and freelance writer. Biography and writing samples.
Jeffreys, Keith
Articles written by Keith Bryan Jeffreys.
Jeffries, Mark
The official destination for companies and individuals wishing to find out more about British TV Presenter Mark Jeffries.
Johnson, Lynne D
Writer, cultural critic, and educator whose subjects include music, cyberculture, literature, and the performing arts.
Jones, Margaret
The website maintained by Margaret Jones, Patsy Cline biographer, author and journalist, with book excerpts, reviews, and interviews.
Josephs, Jeremy
English freelance writer and journalist based in France, and writing mainly about French matters.
Kakaes, Konstantin
Articles about science, technology, and other subjects by Konstantin Kakaes, a correspondent with The Economist, based in London.
Kaufmann, Glenn
Broad sample of the writing, photographic and design work of Glenn Kaufmann. Includes travel writing, photography, writing about film and web design.
Kelly, Greg
Fox news reporter. Unofficial fan website. Pictures and links.
Kessler, Ronald
Former investigative journalist and author of books about U.S. intelligence and other government agencies, Joseph Kennedy, and other non-fiction. Reviews, book summaries, and contact information.
Kilmeade, Brian
Features career, works and background information about the author.
Kimpel, Dan
The official site of the author, journalist, and music business guru Dan Kimpel.
Knightley, Phillip
Journalist and author provides books, articles, and contact information.
Kootnikoff, Lawrence
Multilingual journalist and editor who has covered civil war, politics, business, economic issues, entertainment, lifestyles, and sports. Article archive.
Kovar, Heather
Resume of the New York City television anchor/reporter, with links.
Kristof, Nicholas D.
New York Times Op-Ed Columnist. Official New York Times site with op-eds, readers' responses and biography.
Kruger, Debbie
Portfolio and biography of the entertainment writer, broadcaster, and public relations agent.
Kucharsky, Danny
Freelance journalist in Montreal, Canada writing for newspapers and magazines.
Laaboudi, Mehdi
Resume of a multilingual journalist specializing in social and cultural subjects, Morocco and the Arab World. Based in Casablanca, Marocco and writing in English, French and Arabic.
Laing, Lucy
Contact details for a freelance journalist with a focus on health-related human interest stories. Also covers conservation and animal related stories.
Lardner, Ring
General overview of writers life, career, and influence.
Laurie, Monica
Journalist specializing in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and India presents archive of international television and print journalism.
Levine, Josh
Gallery, images and writing samples for the founding editor of Vietnam Business Journal. Career spans Newark Star-Ledger, Life, Harpers, Ad Age, and Discovery magazines.
Levins, Hoag
Biography and samples of recent work.
Lim, Victoria
Journalist and trainer. Multi-media reports from Victoria Lim with samples illustrating true convergence across TV, Print and online formats.
London, Scott
Collection of articles, interviews, reports, book reviews transcripts and audio clips from writer and public radio series host.
Lovece, Frank
Author and journalist provides portfolio and contact information.
Mansfield-Devine, Patricia and Steve
British freelance writers, editors and photographers based in NW France.
Marks, Simon
The personal website of Simon Marks, independent global affairs correspondent and TV News anchor.
Mason, Michael
Editor and writer for national print media and online media presents his portfolio.
Mathur, Ira
Indian born Caribbean freelance journalist working in radio, television, and print in Trinidad, West Indies. Archive of articles from 1995 to date.
Matthews, Imogen
Imogen Matthews - Cosmetic Journalist and Public Relations consultant with over 20 years experience
Mattlin, Ben
Contributing editor to several magazines and business publications. Credentials, writing samples, and résumé.
McCarthy, Karen
Samples and career summary for print and broadcast journalist. Showcasing documentary highlights covering international news, politics and social issues.
McKenna, Christine
Photojournalist presenting her digital portfolio.
McManus, Sean
UK journalist and writer specialising in business and technology.
Michaels, Dave
Personal insight and information on former CNN and KABC-TV anchorman, as well as photographs and his endeavors in film and television.
Milano, Carol
Biography and 40 clips from experienced freelance reporter and author, specializing in health, health care and business topics.
Moldea, Dan E
Biography, contact information, and links to articles by the investigative journalist specializing in organized crime and related subjects.
Mortelmans, Koen
Belgian journalist specializing in construction, environment and industry. (Site in English, French and Dutch).
Munk, Nina
Homepage of award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in Fortune, Vanity Fair, the New York Times Magazine and the New Yorker. Includes the full-text of her articles since 1997.
Müller, Ralph
German TV and Newspaper Journalist describing his background and hobbies.
Nasiatka, Maryanne
Freelance writer, researcher and photographer. Online portfolio contains clips and background information.
Nauert, Heather
The all things Heather Nauert group. Information, photos, videos, vidcaps, and a FAQ.
Negus, George
Australian journalist and interviewer. Image library, information about Negus' books and services, biographies, and related links.
Neuman, Chad
Nationally-published US freelance writer and journalist presents his portfolio.
Newcombe, Rachel
UK health and Internet journalist. Providing details of her publications, photography and links for other writers.
Niles, Robert
Editor, writer and web guy Robert Niles offers tips on using statistics in reporting, writing and editing on the internet, and commentary on Disney World and Universal Attractions.
Noakes, Andrew
Details, biography and sample features from an experienced motoring writer, editor, photographer and author.
Ogurlic, Dragan
Published ten authorial books. He has also published a great number of reportages, feuilletons, stories and other texts in different publications.
Osborn, Bradley
Bradley Osborn's résumé and portfolio. Newly degreed at the Master's level, Bradley is a journalist and former chemist looking for a gig. See site for clips. Location: Kansas City, MO.
Pachter, Richard
Miami Herald columnist presents reviews of business books and other related articles.
Palast, Greg
Writings of a progressive investigative journalist. Includes schedule of appearances and biography.
Paparian, Bill
'Writing Solutions'. Freelancer writing and photography. Specialize in golf and golf travel writing. Media, marketing and merchandising services available.
Paviot, Bénédicte
Contact details for an Anglo-French TV and radio journalist based in London. Also skilled in bilingual conference moderato and voice-overs.
Peters, Bruce Andrew
Bruce Andrew Peters' photojournalism ranges from award-winning centerspread photos in Aviation Week and Space Technology to the KISS Army in concert to underwater SCUBA Diving to Three Dog Night live in Washington, D.C.
Petrelli, Felix
Freelance journalist, photographer, and English-Italian translator. Specialises in foreign news, current affairs, and travel. Sample articles.
Pipes, Daniel
Journalist and Director of the pro-Israel Middle East Forum provides articles written, interviews, book reviews and mailing list information.
Pizzo, Stephen
Resume and portfolio for the author, editor, and journalist.
Poole, Gary Andrew
California journalist, a member of USA Today's Board of Contributors. Includes links to his writing, a biography, and contact information.
Porter, Tim
Opinions on newspapering, readership and relevance.
Posner, Gerald
Archive of sample chapters from Posner's investigative books on Ross Perot, Nazis, heroin dealers, and assassinations. Includes articles on such subjects as the Boston Strangler and Pete Rose, lectures, and media appearances.
Posner, Trisha
Articles and book excerpts for the author and women's health advocate, with links to sites about health and fitness.
Prasad, Gitanjali
Home page of Indian journalist and writer Gitanjali Prasad. Contains Curriculum Vitae, articles and excerpts of published work.
Pulitzer, Joseph
An undergraduate research paper on the publishing magnate who founded the most prestigious award in American journalism, the Pulitzer Prize.
Qiu, Jane
Listing articles and career history of writer and commentator with a focus on science, technology and China-related issues. Works in London and Beijing.
Rashid, Ahmed
Pakistani journalist based in Lahore writing for magazines and academic journals.
Rattansi, Afshin
Links to resources about the international broadcast and print journalist and journalism in Arabia.
Reilly, Andrew
Portfolio of journalist, writer and creative mercenary. His writing for South Side Baseball was featured in The Chicago Tribune’s “Chicago’s Best Blogs” series.
Reitter, David
Berlin and Dublin-based freelance journalist, focusing on digital lifestyle, science, and current issues.
Repanshek, Kurt
Freelance writer specializing in environmental issues, national parks, science, winter sports, business, and feature writing for Utah and the Rocky Mountain states. Includes credits and contact information.
Richardson, Vanessa
Freelance writer based in San Francisco, specializing in corporate communications materials and marketing collaterals.
Riggs, Stephanie
News anchor, journalist, reporter, and author of the book "Never Sell Yourself Short."
Ripley, Amanda
Career details for a senior reporter for Time Magazine and author of "The Unthinkable - Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why." Blogs posts about the book, the content, and her work.
Ripley, Tim
Military journalist, author, commentator, and photographer. Links to recent stories and photos.
Rojas, Peter
Homepage of technology writer Peter Rojas, former writer and editor with Red Herring, current contributor to Wired magazine.
Rojas, Peter
Links to co-founder of and his page.
Rosales, Apple
Online portfolio of freelance writer, journalist, and consultant from the Philippines specializing on defense and military issues.
Rossheim, John
Provides links to a selection of his recent articles published on national web sites. Rossheim is an independent journalist covering careers and employment trends.
Royko, Mike
Famed columnist Mike Royko (1932-1997) was syndicated around the world. Classic columns and link to book information.
Ruschmann, Paul
Researcher, writer and editor. Published work includes legislative analysis; writing about business, and automotive and transportation issues; and sports law, books, and travel. See online portfolio and experience.
Rutledge, Patrice-Anne
Non-fiction author and freelance journalist covering technology, business, travel, food, and the environment. Biography, books and articles.
Sanger, Andrew
UK Writer of travel guides and features presents resume and work.
Sann, Paul
Career, profile, and portfolio of the late New York newspaperman and editor.
Santella, Andrew
Portfolio of independent journalist includes essays, reviews, and reporting for publications.
Sanz, Alex
Biography, photos and contact information for the broadcast journalist and former Channel One News anchor.
Sarvate, Sarita
Commentaries, memoirs, fiction, and book reviews by an award-winning journalist published in major media outlets across the United States.
Schroeder, Mariana
German reporter presents portfolio including features, reviews and columns.
Senges, Anne
Journalist based in the USA presenting her work.[Site in English and French].
Shavelson, Lonny
Biography, book list, and writing and photography samples from the writer and photojournalist.
Sherwood, Linda
An experienced writer, journalist and editor who writes for print and online publications and has HTML knowledge.
Sinclair, Mick
Archive of the journalist and author's published features, reviews and interviews covering music, books, film and other aspects of contemporary culture.
Skolnick, Andrew A.
Articles and photographs by the award-winning science and medical journalist. Links to sites useful for journalists.
Smith, Donald
Portfolio of the Washington, D.C. based journalist, photographer, broadcaster and co-producer.
Smith, W. Thomas Jr.
Profile of the journalist, writer, and editor.
Smyth, Frank
A freelance journalist who writes mainly about foreign affairs. His articles have appeared in The Village Voice, The New Republic, The Washington Post, Salon, and The Wall Street Journal.
St. Clair, Vicki
Independent journalist and multimedia writer/producer. Includes biography, contact information, samples, and references.
Stubbs, Phil
Brief career outline for a journalist who is presenter and producer for the Environment Show on 2SER (Sydney Educational Radio 107.3fm).
Sweeney, Emily
Resume, articles, photos, videos, and contact information for a staff reporter with The Boston Globe. (Alias Spikey Em).
Sweeney, Fionnuala
CNN news presenter. Biography, work, photos.
Tanner, Nicole
Journalist, graphic designer, writer in San Francisco.
Taylor, Chuck
Profile of Seattle reporter, writer, editor and manager.
Taylor, Megan
Weblog and resume for a journalist whose work focuses on combining traditional and computer-assisted information-gathering with multimedia production to create news packages online.
Teachout, Terry
A record of recent articles by drama and music critic Teachout, with a weblog of daily opinions and favorite links.
Teller, Matthew
Biography and archive for freelance writer and editor Teller, based in the UK and specializing in travel.
Thompson, April
Portfolio of the Bay Area-based freelance writer and editor, specializing in travel, spirituality, and environmental and community issues.
Tiger, Carline
Philadelphia-based freelance journalist writing for magazines presents online portfolio.
Tingle, Greg
Australian news media portal and online home of journalist, Greg Tingle. News, interviews, multimedia, newsletter.
Tucker, Ken
Film critic for New York Magazine featuring contact, work, and biographical information.
Turnbull, Giles
Home page of UK technology journalist, currently with the Press Association.
Turner, Tracy Zollinger
Web site for Columbus, Ohio freelance journalist Tracy Zollinger Turner.
Vaknin, Sam
Archives of the Central Europe Review columnist through June 2001.
Venere, Emil
Writes about science and technology. Resume and examples of his work.
Vermij, Peter J.
Netherlands based science writer for Dutch newspapers and magazines. Background and recent work.
Von Hoffman, Constantine
Veteran freelance journalist with more than 15 years professional experience. Biography, samples of work, and contact information.
Waddington, Alex
Online home of UK freelance journalist Alex Waddington, who specialises in technology, consumer electronics, and theatre.
Waintal, Fabian
Journalist focusing on interviews in English and Spanish.
Weber, Rebecca L.
Writer specializing in the arts, social justice issues and cultural trends. Recent articles, reviews and contact information.
Wellington, Terra
Archive, photos, and news of spokesperson, journalist and television media personality.
Wells, Justin
Resume and pictures of the reporter, anchor, and broadcaster.
Welton, Nathan
Freelance writer specializing in medicine, health policy, science, the environment and outdoor adventures.
Wortmann, Arthur
Architecture critic and editor, based in The Netherlands. Sample articles and links. The Numbers Guy
Carl Bialik's weekly columns in the Wall St. Journal, focusing on the use and misuse of numerical information in the media and public discourse. [RSS]
Yeaw, Donna
Writes for RV Companion. guide to Senior Living.

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