Deals with principles of good practice faced by professional journalists. Outlines standards which commonly appear in statements drafted by journalism associations and individual print, broadcast, and online news organizations.
Al Jazeera: Code of Ethics
The mission statement set for this news-gathering entity.
BBC Editorial Guidelines
Online services policies to help content producers for British Broadcasting Corporation resolve difficult editorial dilemmas. Information about mandatory referrals.
The Code of Ethics of the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists
Details code of ethics adopted by Journalists of the Republic Slovenia in 1993.
Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists
Free service. Offering professional journalists guidance on ethical decisions when covering the news.
Ethics in Journalism
Ethics code of the Society of Professional Journalists, links to additional information and resources.
The Ethics of Journalism: Comparison and Transformations in the Islamic-Western Context
An international conference to be held in March 2001, sponsored by the German Institute for Middle East Studies, Hamburg.
Indiana University School of Journalism: Ethics Cases Online
Series of case studies developed by Barry Bingham, Jr., and originally published in his newsletter, FineLine. Covers ethical issues involving privacy, conflict of interest, reporter-source relationships, and the role of journalists.
Lithuanian Journalists Union: Code of Ethics
Outlines guideline for truth, honesty, and decency. Upholds the independence of journalism and its responsibility.
Society of Professional Journalists: Ethics
Provides the code of ethics for this US group, case studies, a hotline, and resources for reporters faced with a dilemma. Details about events celebrating responsible reporting.
An Update on Journalism Ethics in Asia
Tom Brislin of University of Hawaii examines professional conduct in Japan, China and Korea determine if journalistic core values cut across international and cultural boundaries.
Wikipedia: Journalism ethics and standard
Online encyclopedia article traces the evolution and purpose of codes of journalism, self-regulation within the industry, and their application in practice.
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