Newspaper humor columnists that post their articles online or published columnists' blogs.

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Humor/satire columns and frequent blog entries. Topics range from everyday observational humor to political and pop-culture satire.
Bill's Bitter Pills
Humor blog with some insights into this crazy world we live in and the weird/normal experiences we all live through.
Bloody Bloggard
Blogger writes just about everything he can think of in unending tirades.
Brown, Leroy - Green Llama
News and stories, with a funny, sometimes very opinionated twist.
Bunting, Sara D - Tomato Nation
Writing about life in New York City since 1997.
Cerantola, Tim - Blog Off and Die
Humour and political satire
Chaetoons - Spritely Spoofs
A collection of daily vignettes designed to produce a smile, chuckle, or outright laugh. Occasional point of view about current affairs.
Chianca, Peter - The At Large Blog
The world is far too strange to cover in a weekly column for the Boston Herald. Here's a daily take on society, pop culture and parenting.
Coffee, Tom - Spilling Coffee
Humorous adventures of becoming a first-time father, escaping an office job and quenching a never-ending thirst for a great cup of joe.
Culwell, Lori - Funny Strange
Writer explores life in Los Angeles, including a surprise yard sale appearance by Dom DeLuise.
Date, Gautam - Nusta Khallas
Satire, humour, and current affairs from Indian writer.
Decker, David - LIB John Brown
Religious and military influenced stories from Atlanta, GA.
The Drive-by Blogger
Creative parody and random thoughts posted in a humorous fashion.
Farr, Matt - Rusty Brain - Lubricant for the Mind
Commentary covers topics such as technology, the Internet, music and cats.
Garver, Lloyd - What Would Lloyd Say?
A usually humorous commentary on trying desperately to keep up with the ever-changing world.
Hegstrom, Sue Ellen - Musings of a Chick
Site is commentary on things found funny, hypocritical, bogus and otherwise confusing.
The Hoss Report
Humorous analysis and deconstruction of current events. The work of Arianna and Hoss.
Khaalis, Safiyah - Safiyah's Rant
Journal of a single mother in Savannah trying to make it in this world.
Liam's Weekly Humor Column
A new column every Friday, plus occasional extras when the mood strikes.
Lindley, Rachel - The Eye of Smoog
A humorous, satirical look at human behavior through the eyes of a columnist who considers nothing sacred, including herself.
Mad Dog - Doggy Style
A daily dose of Mad Dog, a humorous extension of the Mad Dog Weekly
Masterson, Dick - Men Are Better Than Women
Taunting assertion of the many ways that men are better than women.
Matt Black Speaks
Humor columnist Matt Black deconstructs the world into pithy little chunks.
Nelson, Grant - Rural Reflections
Perspective on life viewed from a farm in Northwest Minnesota; first published in the Northern Watch, Thief River Falls, Minnesota.
Novak, Jake - Jake's Comedy Corner
Comedy writer who is regularly published in Newsday and on several websites. Daily topical humor one-liners and top 5 lists.
One Day at a Time
Finding humor in the life experiences of a 30-something working mother and wife.
Philadelphia Player
Blog created to discuss all topics that relate to an interest in Philadelphia. Much of the content is humor based.
Ponds, Lewis - Crab Apple
An internationally unknown observer of the human condition.
The Quipping Queen
A collection of amusing snippets about life and a wonky universe.
Rhea, Ronda - Instead of Another Game of Minesweeper
Speaker and humor columnist encourages her readers and listeners to dig into the Word of God for the answers to life.
Rhubart, Bob - Weblog
Humor, opinion, comment, rants, neurosis, sometimes all at once. [Atom]
Rosenkrantz, Otte - Weblog
A collection of editorials and columns published in various Canadian newspapers and magazines or heard on CBC radio.
Sassone, Bob - Bob Sassone Online
A writer whose work appears in The Boston Herald and Morrock News Digest. He has also written for CompuServe, The Nando Times, The Arizona Reporter, and others.
The Scott Adams Blog
Written by the creator of the syndicated Dilbert Cartoon, contains the same type of witty, and offbeat observations of life.
Sherman, B. Elwin - Humorist
Weekly humor column, free subscription mailing list, archives, guest columnist, member of The Net Wits
Thoughts and musings of a skunk, one that learned how to type, and conjugate verbiage and finds communicating thought processes easier than lifting the tail.
Smillie, Julia - Writer
Humor and lifestyle musings from a national award winning columnist and freelance writer.
Sod Blog
Amusing observations of daily life.
Strouth, Chris - Tales Of the Idiot
Wit, wisdom and general blathering on a variety of topics relating to music, culture and the human experience.
Tales of a Modern Man
The trials and tribulations of a thirty something male trying to survive in the modern era.
Twedt, Kristen
Southern humor columnist who writes for The Hattiesburg American in Mississippi.
Virgil, Johnny - 15 Minute Lunch
Free-wheeling and humorous blog of young married fellow somewhere in upper New York state.
Wilder, John Ingalls - Alaska, Ho!
A humorous look at life through the eyes of a newcomer in the last frontier.
Wren, Bonnie - Ballpoint Wren
A humorous, Southern California look at suburbia
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