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Internet Safety
Young Kids
There are lots of fun things about the Internet. There are games to play and pictures to look at, stories to read, and videos to see. But the Internet is huge, and most of it is made for adults. Some websites are dangerous to your computer, and you might meet someone online who is mean and would try to hurt you if they can figure out who you are.
Sorcerer's Apprentice Mozilla
  • When you visit the Internet, you should always have a trusted adult helper. Your adult helper can find good sites that are fun for you, and not dangerous.
  • Get your helper to show you how to use the back buttons on the browser.
  • Ask your helper how to save some good websites in your browser's favorites or bookmarks.
  • Choose a cool nickname to use online, and don't ever type in your real name or address. Superman didn't tell anyone he was Clark Kent and you shouldn't tell anyone your identity either.
  • Tell your helper whenever websites or messages make you uncomfortable.
Up To Speed
There are lots of websites about online safety. One of the best for young kids is Netty's World. You can find some more good ones by visiting Kids_and_Teens/Computers/Internet/Safety .

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