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How to add a site to the Kids and Teens Open Directory

The Open Directory Project is a web directory of Internet resources. A web directory is something akin to a cross between a huge reference library and the yellow pages. The directory is hierarchically arranged by subject - from broad to specific.  The ODP is maintained by community editors who evaluate sites for inclusion in the directory. They are our experts, and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation.  We aren't a search engine and pride ourselves on being highly selective. We don't accept all sites, so please don't take it personally should your site not be accepted. Submitting a site is easy, but we ask that you take a few moments to understand how to submit a site before you begin. There are few simple steps. 

Step One

Please read and understand these our Submission Policies before you submit your URL. (See box to the right) 

Step Two

Do a quick search in the directory at (the home of the Kids and Teens branch of the Open Directory) to be sure your site isn't already listed. This saves everyone time. 

Step Three

Identify the single best category for your site. 
  • The Open Directory has an enormous array of subjects to choose from, and by selecting the most specific category for your site, you help insure speedy processing of your submission. 
  • Once you've selected the best category for your site, go directly to that category on and then click "Add URL." 
  • Note that there are no Add URL or Update URL links on top level categories. You should find a more specific category to submit your site to. 
The Open Directory team welcomes comments and feedback. Please let us know what you think, and how we can improve the service. 


Proceed to the Open Directory home at and Teens -
Start here to find a category to submit to.


Once your site has been accepted into the Open Directory, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for your site to be listed on partner sites which use the Open Directory data, such as AOL Search, HotBot, Google, Lycos, etc. We make updates of the data available weekly, but each partner has their own update schedule. 


Submission Policies

We care a great deal about the quality of the directory. To keep the ODP running smoothly, we may have to delete submissions that violate these policies or that we believe otherwise disrupt the operation of the ODP. In some cases, we may also delete other submissions by users violating these policies. 
  • Please only submit an URL to the Kids and Teens Open Directory once. If a site has not been listed within three weeks, you may submit it again.
  • Disguising your submission and submitting the same URL more than once is not permitted. Example: and
  • Please do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have different URLs altogether. 
  • Sites with illegal content and pornography are forbidden in the Kids and Teens Open Directory. Examples of illegal material include, but are not limited to, child pornography and sites infringing on copyright.
  • Please avoid submitting sites with addresses that redirect to another address.
  • Submit sites to the most relevant category. Sites intentionally submitted to inappropriate or unrelated categories will be removed.
  • Wait until your site is complete before submitting your URL. Sites which are incomplete, contain "Under Construction" notices, or contain broken graphics or links aren't good candidates for the directory.
  • Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate category under World. 
  • Sites consisting largely of affiliate links should not be submitted. 
  • The ODP reserves the right to alter or replace a proposed description at any time at its sole discretion and editorial judgment.
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