String figures or string games are popular with many indigenous cultures throughout the world, from the Arctic to Australia, all around the Pacific, and in Africa. They are typically performed by one person, or two, as in the game of "Cat's Cradle", using a single loop of string. Often they are made one following another, while singing or telling a story.
How to do Cat's Cradle
[ Kids/Teens ] Step by step instructions with photographs.
International String Figure Association
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Background information with instructions for making traditional Inuit figures.
Kids Guide to Easy String Figures
[ Kids/Teens ] Descriptions, illustrations and video clips showing how to make basic figures.
The Mathematics and Origin of String Figures
[ Mature Teens ] An advanced discussion of their history and theory with instructions for making new designs by the author, Martin Probert.
String Figures
[ Kids ] Brian Cox, the Incredible Stringman, tells a story called "Going Fishing" illustrated with string figures. Photos and text of his performance.
String Figures
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Animated instructions for making Jacob's Ladder, Walking Sticks and Two Mountains and a Stream.
[Mozilla Painter]
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