Balloon sculpting involves twisting, knotting and shaping one or more balloons to resemble a model. The most common is the balloon dog, commonly referred to as a balloon poodle. Balloon animals are often created by clowns for entertainment.
Balloon Animal Instructions
[ Kids/Teens ] Learn how to make balloon animals from short video clips. From dogs to cats, flowers to silly hats.
Balloon HQ: Twisting Balloons 101
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] A detailed guide to the different twists and how to make them.
Balloon Molecules
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] A guide to building chemical molecules using modelling balloons. Includes instructions for making twists and knots with a gallery of examples.
Balloon Twisting 101
[ Kids/Teens ] Basic tips and detailed instructions on a selection of basic and advanced balloon sculptures.
Balloon Twisting Instructions for Kids
[ Kids/Teens ] Instructions by Magical Balloon-dude Dale for simple and advanced models including animals, hats and cartoon characters.
Make a Balloon Sculpture
[ Teens ] Learn how to make animals using basic twists. Includes a gallery and illustrated instructions.
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