This category lists pages and sites relating to the history of the United Kingdom (U.K.). The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.

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[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides basic information and photographs of hundreds of attractions in England, including castles, museums, and historical sites.
Awesome Stories - William Penn: Jury Goes to Prison
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Founder of Pennsylvania faced the death penalty in a 1670 London sedition trial. Refusing to find Penn guilty, his jury went to prison. Relates story in chapters, with primary sources embedded in text.
The Battle of Britain
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Explores the aerial conflict between British and German air forces in the skies over the United Kingdom in 1940. Includes an overview, information on Fighter Command and the Luftwaffe as well as sections on tactics and strategy.
BBC - Children of World War 2
[ Kids ] Interactive information on what it was like to be a child during the war. Includes pictures of a 1940's home, a rationing challenge, evacuees' letters and a research room.
BBC - Schools Online World War One
[ Kids/Teens ] Features interactive information covering several differing viewpoints of the war. Includes a fictional journal of events leading up, a soldiers story, life on the home front and a prisoner of war's tale. Further in-depth reading also offered.
BBC - The Anglo-Saxons
[ Kids ] An interactive guide to 8th century English life. Includes sections on the invasion, general life, beliefs and pastimes. Also includes further activities and suggestions of places to visit in person or online.
BBC Online: History
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Presents information on a broad range of historical topics. Includes multimedia features, timelines, a section just for children, games, and articles by various writers.
The Black Death
[ Kids/Teens ] Information on the spread, the effects, the medical response and the final impact the disease had on England in 1348-1349.
Britannia: British History
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Features timelines, narrative histories, original source documents and important texts, biographies, maps, glossaries, reading lists, informative articles by guest writers, and interviews.
Castle View
[ Kids ] A virtual tour of a fictional castle set in Robin Hood's time. Includes information on all the different rooms and areas, wordsearches, puzzles, things to do and clues to find a secret passage.
Child Labour 1750 - 1850
[ Kids/Teens ] Offers detailed descriptions on what it was like to work in a factory as a child. Includes biographies of factory reformers, accounts from the workers themselves, legislation passed and statistics.
David Nash Ford's Early British Kingdoms
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Introduces the little known kingdoms that existed in Britain during the Age of King Arthur.
The Domesday Book Online
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides information about the 1086 survey in which extensive records of landholders, tenants, the amount of land nobles owned in England and how many people occupied it was collected. Commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror. Also includes information on how it was compiled, who contributed to writing it and life in the 11th century.
EBK for Kids
[ Kids ] A study of the British, Anglo-Saxon, Scottish and Pictish people of Britain aimed at younger children. Details include the story of King Arthur, different kingdoms, fashion, art, literature and religion.
Encyclopaedia of British History
[ Teens ] Narrative descriptions and pictures about England and its history from Prime Ministers to famous artists.
The Growth of Women's Rights - 1800 to 1900
[ Kids/Teens ] A simple time-line detailing legislation passed within the century. Also gives information on the emergence of the first woman doctor, the beginnings of the suffragette movement and an employment table showing women in various professions during 1900.
Ingenious: Coal Culture
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Explores the nature of mining communities in the villages that grew up around mines. Provides short articles and photographs.
Learning Curve - The Great War 1914 - 1918
[ Teens ] An online exhibition on the First World War. Includes information, video clips, photographs and maps taken from the archives and also provides worksheets for young students.
Local Histories
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Learn about the history of cities in the United Kingdom, as well as countries around the world. Page also includes timelines, biographies, and explanations on the origins of old sayings.
The Magna Carta 1215
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Translation from the Latin of the first version of the Magna Carta, signed by King John at Runnymede. Links to glossary and Latin original text.
The National Archives - Treasures
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Covers aspects of British history from domesday to the present day and is part of the National Grid for Learning. Provided by the UK Public Records Office.
The Oliver Cromwell Website
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides in-depth information about his life from 1599 to 1658. Features a time-line, a biography, FAQs, quotes and suggested further reading. Includes illustrations and photos.
Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain
[ Kids/Teens ] Offers a complete overview of life within this period. Includes sections on history, weapons and warfare, everyday life and religion as well as stories and poems of the time.
Smuggler's Britain
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Offers a wealth of information on so called 'free traders' of 18th and 19th century Britain. Features an introduction, local and regional sections and a list of famous smugglers. Includes illustrations and maps.
The Suffragettes
[ Kids/Teens ] Gives an overview of the beginnings of the movement in 1897. Focuses on the early history and aims of the founder Millicent Fawcett, a section on the Pankhursts as well as detailing the various methods used by the group to highlight their issues. Includes quotes and illustrations.
Timelines of British History
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Presents the sweep of British history from 5000 B.C. through the end of the 20th century. From
The Treaty (or Act) of Union 1707
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Actual English wording of the preface of the Act which joined England and Scotland under one Crown and Parliament.
The Victorian Web
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] This period covers 1830 AD through 1901 AD.
Women at War
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Provides information on how women were recruited into the military services, nursing, industrial and entertainment fields and an overview of their experiences. Includes photographs and Quicktime video clips.
The Workhouse
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] An in-depth guide to poorhouses and workhouses. Includes photographs, first hand accounts, information on the various laws passed, records, archives, a timeline and a quiz.
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