"The remains or imprints of plants or animals preserved from prehistoric times by the operation of natural conditions. Fossils are found in sedimentary rock, asphalt deposits, and coal and sometimes in amber and certain other materials. The scientific study of fossils is paleontology."
From The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition

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BBC Science and Nature - Prehistoric Life
[ Kids/Teens ] Find out all about fossils, put your skills to the test by reconstructing ancient beasts, and find out what it's like to be a palaeontologist.
Jurassic Ammonites
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] A detailed description of discoveries in France, with illustrations, history, photographs and a section on myths and legends. [English and French]
The Paleontology Portal
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Shows photos of fossils of different types. Browse by location, time period or type. Produced by the University of California Museum of Paleontology, the Paleontological Society, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, and the United States Geological Survey.
[Atlas Mozilla]
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