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An Analysis of Mt. Etna
[ Teens ] Contains information related to the volcano Mt. Etna including formation, location, history, consequences, benefits, preventative measures, and comparison with other volcanoes.
Ask a Volcanologist
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Volcano experts offers answers to well over 100 user-submitted questions.
Cascades Volcano Observatory
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Information about and photos of the Cascades volcanoes, Mount Saint Helens updates, and volcano monitoring and hazards information.
Cinder Cones
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] View a photograph and learn some basic information about this type of volcano.
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] National Geographic feature explains how volcanoes form and examine the destruction wrought on the Caribbean island of Montserrat.
Lecture Notes
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Learn about the lava flows, pyroclastics, and Mount Saint Helens.
NOVA Online: Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Talks about the Volcanic Explosivity Index. Talks about predicting volcanic activity and disaster planning.
NOVA: Volcano's Deadly Warning
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Companion Web site to the NOVA program. An interview with seismologist Bernard Chouet, who has come up with a new method for predicting volcanic eruptions.
Volcano Under the City
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Explore some of the worst volcanic disasters of the past four centuries, find out what features make an unquiet volcano tick, and learn if it is possible to forecast volcanic eruptions.
Volcano World
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Ask a volcanologist questions, see webcams of volcano eruptions, and read interviews.
Volcano World Blog: FAQ
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Questions about volcanoes in general, and about specific volcanoes.
[ Kids/Teens ] This interactive exhibit, part of the Exhibits Collection of The Annenberg/CPB Projects, explores why volcanic eruptions occur. Activities invite visitors to melt rocks, locate famous volcanoes and play the role of a volcanologist. Includes video clips.
[ Kids ] Includes stories about volcanoes by children's author Jane Kurtz, school project ideas, legends, virtual field trips, and games.
Yellowstone Volcano Observatory
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Site monitors the largest volcanic system in North America. Offers information about current activity, volcanic history and a photo gallery.

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