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Deciduous Forest Biome
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Includes photographs and facts about the climate, plants, and animals.
Evergreen Project: Temperate Biome
[ Kids/Teens ] Facts, photos and stories about the temperate deciduous forest biome, including the animals and plants living there.
Forests Are for Kids
[ Kids/Teens ] Features articles about bugs in the forest, stuff made from trees, botanical information, and how paper is made. Also, has a tree trivia section and an animal feature. Contest section and free merchandise are for Idaho students only.
Smokey Bear
[ Kids ] Join Smokey for some forest and campfire fun. And, along the way, discover Smokey's rules for forest fire safety and prevention so that you can become a member of Smokey's team.
Urban Forestry Lab Exercises
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Hands-on activities for exploring urban forests.
Woods Ablaze
[ Kids ] Learn about forest fires including the computer modelling of fires, why forest fires can be good, and study the 1988 forest fire that burned much of Yellowstone National Park.
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