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EEK! Recycling and Beyond
[ Kids ] Tells us why we should recycle and what recycling means. Learn while reading a recycling story and have fun with the recycling word search.
From Pulp to Paper
[ Kids/Teens ] A virtual tour of a paper mill in Minnesota shows how recycled paper is made.
Keep America Beautiful Presents: Clean Sweep, USA
[ Kids/Teens ] Find out how to prevent litter, reduce waste, and help clean up neighborhoods.
Kids Recycle
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Project to help kids create programs to reduce school waste.
Napcor's Kids Corner
[ Kids/Teens ] Learn about recycling PET plastic containers. Also has a word search and quick facts about PET plastic.
Recycle City
[ Kids ] Find out what happens to garbage and why recycling is important. Includes a game and other activities.
[ Kids ] Find out how by using materials more than once can save energy and natural resources.
Solid Waste and Recycling
[ Kids/Teens ] Has topics on what's in garbage, how much garbage we make, and how to reduce garbage.
Talking Trash
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Discusses the recycling of paper and industrial waste.
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