EDF Chemical Scorecard
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Toxic Release Inventory data for the US. Sources and amounts of toxic chemicals released to air and water. Also has information on health effects and other topics.
Environmental Education Foundation
[ Kids/Teens ] An education resource teaching awareness and conservation to children, teachers, and parents.
Games, Quizzes and Other Cool Stuff:: U.S. EPA
[ Kids/Teens ] How much do you know about the environment and pollution? Test your knowledge and have some fun with these games just for kids.
Nonpoint Source Kids Page
[ Kids ] Fun games that help you to understand different kinds of pollution that can occur around the home and neighborhood.
Planet Polluto
[ Kids/Teens ] Learn about air quality index, what you can do to protect the air quality, and play games.
Pollution from Tiki the Penguin
[ Kids ] Examines the various pollutants in the world, from toxic chemicals to food waste.
Warning! Water Pollution!
[ Kids/Teens ] Four Hong Kong kids in a school called HKIS tell about the problem of water pollution in Hong Kong and worldwide. Includes photos.
Hormones: Here's the Beef
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] A Science News Online article. Runoff of the hormones excreted by steroid-treated livestock could subtly harm aquatic life. (January 05, 2002)
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