Sites related to Stephen Moulton Babcock. Dr. Babcock, who died in 1931, was a professor of agricultural chemistry at the University of Wisconsin. He is most famous for the "Babcock test," a way to measure how much fat is in milk. The Babcock test was made public in 1890. A few years later, Professor Babcock studied the effects of different kinds of feed for dairy cattle. This led to the discovery of vitamin A.

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Dr. Stephen Babcock and the Original Butterfat Tester
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Photograph of the biochemist with his invention.
A Fortune Given Away
[ Kids/Teens ] Tells the story of the Babcock test, and describes what Dr. Babcock's personality was like. Illustrated with historical photographs.
Stephen Moulton Babcock
[ Mature Teens ] Biographical profile of the chemist for whom the Babcock test is named.
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