The sun is the largest celestial object in our solar system, and makes up over 99.7% of the solar system by mass. It is responsible for the photosynthesis of plants, a process in which plants use in the presence of sunlight to make food and energy as well as oxygen.

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APOD: September 16, 1996 - The Sun Erupts
[ Mature Teens ] Offers a brief explanation about the sun, a ball of extremely hot gas. Answers common questions about the sun's corona and its magnetic field.
Live from the Sun
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Explores how the Sun works, how it interacts with the Earth, and the way in which it has helped to shape human history. Includes links to related resources.
NASA/Marshall Solar Physics
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Information on various solar topics, from the sun's corona to sunspot cycle predictions.
Project Sundial
[ Kids ] A collaborative Internet project on designing sundials by school children from the United Kingson and India. Includes concepts of sundial, images of sun, and poetry on sun.
Stanford Solar Center
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Activities, solar weather, art, folklore, webcasts, posters, news, and ask-a-solar-astronomer.
[ Teens ] Explores many aspects of the sun, including an introduction to mythology, science, art, history, and health questions. Includes puzzles and games.

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