Hinduism, also know as Sanatana Dharma is one of the oldest religions of the world. It originated in India. To the best of our knowledge, no single leader was involved in its creation. There are many Hindu scriptures. The Vedas and the Upanishads are among the most ancient, important, and authoritative. However, there is an enormous variety of religious traditions, beliefs, and practices.
The Electronic Passport to the Indian Subcontinent
[ Kids/Teens ] A brief, illustrated guide to the land and its people. Created for middle school students.
Hindu Kids Universe
[ Kids/Teens ] Kids can learn about Hindu prayers, festivals, customs and culture through pictorial descriptions and a forum for kids and parents.
Hindu Mythology
[ Kids/Teens ] An easy-to-read collection of Hindu mythological stories.
Modern Day Hinduism
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] A site full of new information about Hinduism. Features links to other religious sites.
[Taj Mahal Mozilla]
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