This category lists stories and poems with a Christmas theme.

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Absulum The Reindeer Elf - A Christmas Story by Duncan Wells
[ Kids ] Tells why Absulum must work in the reindeer barn while the other elves stay in Santa's workshop making toys and having fun. In Real Audio.
The Arrival
[ Kids/Teens ] Dynamation relates the biblical account of Christ's birth.
Austin and the List
[ Kids ] Read about Austin, the typewriter, and the role he played for Christmas.
Bethany Roberts' Christmas Library
[ Kids/Teens ] Features stories, legends, and poems.
CanTeach Christmas
[ Kids ] Offers several short holiday poems for the season.
Christmas Stories
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Religious Christmas stories and articles for the entire family.
The Christmas Story
[ Kids ] Illustrated re-telling of the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus.
The Gift of the Magi
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] O. Henry's classic short tale of giving and receiving.
James and the Christmas Wagon
[ Kids ] Features animated children's Christmas story.
John Piper's Advent Poems
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] These poems are mostly stories from the lives of Biblical saints or fictional characters who find their lives intertwined with significant events in history. Kid Stories and Poems
[ Kids ] Read or help write Christmas stories, enjoy jokes, and learn about Christmas traditions.
Red Boots For Christmas
[ Kids ] Features a read-along book, movie, music, recipe and ecards.
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