Good nutrition means eating a well-balanced diet every day. It is important to get enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber in each meal, but not take in more calories than are needed for energy and growth.

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All About What Vitamins and Minerals Do
[ Kids/Teens ] Explains how substances like vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K, calcium, and iron work in the human body.
Avocado Facts
[ Kids/Teens ] Fun facts, games, recipes, and coloring pages featuring the avocado fruit.
BAM! Body and Mind
[ Kids/Teens ] Learn about which foods are part of a healthy diet. Includes FAQ, games, quiz, and nutrition facts.
The Brain Eater
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] About the scientific research that linked "mad cow disease" to a related brain disease in humans. With food safety tips and a debate about the existence of prions, a possible new type of infectious agent.
BrainPOP: Health - Nutrition
[ Kids ] Watch a movie about foods that keep the body healthy. Includes quiz and activities.
Bramley Kids
[ Kids ] Learn about different nutrients in foods and a balanced diet. Includes coloring pages, word games, and instructions for making apple puppets.
California Strawberryville Kids
[ Kids ] Enter the clubhouse and find stories, strawwordy searches, painting lessons, recipes, and games.
Chef Solus and the Food Pyramid Adventure
[ Kids/Teens ] Learn about healthy eating in a fun way. Features interactive games, learning tools, new stories and activities every month.
Children's Nutrition Page
[ Kids/Teens ] Find out what's wrong with "junk food" and how to stay healthy and fit. Includes fun and games resources.
Dole SuperKids
[ Kids ] Features fun recipes, games, puzzles, songs, and coloring book about fruits and vegetables.
Empowered Kidz
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Offers information, resources and activities for kids on healthy eating, dieting, body image, and eating disorders. Includes surveys and quizzes.
European Food Information Council
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Offers information about food production, nutrition, and biotechnology. Includes puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and encyclopedia of terms. [English and German]
Fantastifood Fables
[ Kids ] Read a story about a brother and his sister who escape an attack of the Junk Food Junkies and learn about foods that are good for them. Written by Steven Minsky.
Figuring out Food Labels
[ Kids/Teens ] Explains how the label on a food package is a lot like the table of contents in a book, telling exactly what the food contains.
Florida Citrus Land
[ Kids ] Games for kids, food pyramid, introduction to citrus fruits, coloring pages, and recipes from The Florida Department of Citrus.
Food and Nutrition
[ Kids/Teens ] Facts about food, body weight, and special diets for those with allergies or disease. Includes recipes and information about how to read them.
Food for Kids
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Check out nutritional values of breads and spreads, cereals fast food, snacks, desserts, and drinks in Australia. Compare with other products.
Food Fun from Apples to Zucchini
[ Kids ] Find alphabet fun and coloring pages about fruits and veggies.
The Food Guide Pyramid
[ Kids ] Explains how the pyramid is used to show the foods that make up a good diet.
Food Smarts
[ Kids/Teens ] Find out about the food pyramid, choosing healthy foods, and good eating habits. Includes word search and video.
Fresh for Kids
[ Kids/Teens ] Tells about fresh fruits and vegetables, and nutrition. Has games, color pages, sports to try, stories and jokes.
Fresh from the World
[ Kids ] Cartoon characters describe where food comes from and which ones are good to eat. Includes activities.
Fruit & Veggie Color Champions
[ Kids ] Find fun and games, artwork, coloring sheets activity pages, and recipes. Includes printable calendar stickers.
The Fruit Pages
[ Kids/Teens ] Find articles about fruits from all over the world and the importance of fruit in daily diet.
Good Life with Gabby
[ Kids ] Join Gabby's crew and find information about nutrition, exercise, and the environment. Includes a coloring book and recipes. [English, Spanish, French and German]
Got Chocolate Milk
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Discover the nutritional values. Includes downloads, celebrity testimonials, fun and games.
Got Milk?
[ Kids/Teens ] Features recipes, articles, and interactive games related to the health benefits of milk.
The Grain Chain
[ Kids/Teens ] Discover how grain is grown, made into flour and baked into bread. Includes recipes, videos, pictures and activities.
The Great Grub Club
[ Kids ] Learn about cooking, gardening, food facts, and fitness. Shares games, jokes, comics, and quizzes.
Healthy Eating Games
[ Kids ] Play games about how to eat healthy with Cookie Monster, Curious George and many other PBS KIDS Friends.
Healthy Eating Tips for Teens
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Offers information about how to fuel the body for energy and health. Includes carbohydrates, proteins, good and bad fats, and sample menus.
Kid's Coloring Pages
[ Kids ] Printable pictures showing healthy foods by the Produce for Better Health Foundation.
[ Kids/Teens ] International Food Information Council teaches about being active, eating right, and how the body works. Take a quiz on food, fun, and fitness.
Kids World
[ Kids ] Provides information about the food pyramid, five-a-day program, and food label nutrition facts. Includes a coloring book and quiz. From the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.
Kids' Games
[ Kids ] Features downloadable coloring and drawing pages, food pyramid chart, articles, and check list for healthy eating. From the Dairy Council of California.
My School Lunch
[ Kids ] Provides nutritional information about school lunches. Includes a description of how the meals are cooked, what is on the menu, and games.
National Watermelon Promotion Board
[ Kids ] Meet healthy hero J. Slice to get the facts about watermelon's nutritional value. Includes games and activities, free downloads, and healthy eating tips.
Nutrition & the Food Pyramid
[ Kids ] Learn about good foods from first and second graders in Pocantico Hills School. Includes coloring pages, riddles and puzzles.
Nutrition Cafe
[ Kids/Teens ] Be a nutrition sleuth and play interactive games to discover basic facts about food, the food pyramid, and good eating habits. From the Pacific Science Center.
Nutrition Dictionary
[ Kids/Teens ] Explains what different vitamins and minerals do for your body.
Orange Pippin
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] About the science and production of apples and nutrition facts.
The Popcorn Board
[ Kids/Teens ] Trace the history, learn geography, find coloring worksheets and play games featuring popcorn as a healthy snack.
Ready, Set, Breakfast
[ Kids ] Tells why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Scintro - Fruit Book
[ Kids/Teens ] Encyclopedia about fruits. Learn about the botanical facts, health benefits, varieties, cooking uses, storage ideas and nutrition chart. Includes photos.
[ Teens ] Find out how your favorite foods measure up, browse snacktoids about fruits and vegetables, and view video clips. Presented by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
Sports and Nutrition: The Winning Connection
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Explains how a balanced diet, energy levels, fluid levels and a pregame meal planner contribute to peak sports performance.
Sugar Stacks
[ Kids/Teens ] Discover how much sugar is in different kinds of food. Lists types and amounts.
Summer Vacation
[ Kids ] Download a story that tells how Sammy Spaghetti and Becky Bread grew from kernels of wheat and turned into healthy foods. From the North Dakota Wheat Commission. [PDF]
Super Crew for Kids
[ Kids ] Provides health and nutrition articles and fun activities.
Tiki's Guide to Food
[ Kids ] Tiki the Penguin examines what food is, where it comes from, what's good, and what's bad.
The Tomato Zone
[ Kids/Teens ] Contains games, quizzes and fun learning activities. Presented by the British Tomato Growers' Association.
Vitamins and Minerals
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] What they do, how fast they work, how much you need, and how to get the right amount.
Why Drinking Water Is the Way to Go
[ Kids/Teens ] Explains what water does for the human body.
Wrigley's World of Gum
[ Kids/Teens ] Explains how gum is made, what goes into it, and about its history together with fun facts and FAQ.
[ Kids/Teens ] A safe site for kids with kid-created beef recipes, nutrition fun facts, and quizzes and information on food safety and fitness.

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