Grief is a universal reaction to change and loss. It can come from things like death of a parent or friend, the end of a relationship, or a move to a new neighborhood. Kids and teens experience grief just like adults do.
Camp Heaven
[ Kids/Teens ] This is what a camp might be like in heaven with activities, lodging, supplies, and sports.
Coping With Change - Loss And Grief
[ Kids ] Helps explain what loss is, different kinds of loss, feelings that people have, and what may help.
[ Kids ] Learn how to cope when someone dies, some things to do that help, and what some people believe.
I Miss My Dad
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] After a parent dies, it's common to wish we could still talk to them. On this site, kids post email messages to a parent that has died, for all to read.
[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Grief support for kids that have suffered a loss, provided by other kids. Question and answer, peer support and stories. Site monitored by adults.
Someone in My Friend's Family Died - What Should I Do?
[ Kids ] When friends lose someone they love - a brother, a sister, a parent, or even a pet - sometimes they change for a while.
When Somebody Dies
[ Kids ] It's difficult, even for grown-ups, to understand why death must happen. This article tries to help kids understand.
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