Keeping all of the parts of your mouth healthy is just as important as keeping all of the parts of your body healthy.

Some problems that start in the mouth can affect other parts of the body. An infection in a tooth can spread into the ear, the bones of the jaw and face, or even the bloodstream. Certain diseases, like chicken pox and mononucleosis, cause problems in the mouth.

People who don't eat a healthy, balanced diet may not get enough important vitamins every day. In severe cases, the gums can swell and bleed, or the teeth may get loose or not develop properly.

Brushing and flossing every day, seeing the dentist twice a year, and eating the right foods help keep the mouth and the body well.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Information about electric toothbrushes, bad breath, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, cold sores, canker sores, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth, and crowns.
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[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] Try a game show, listen to a story, search for words or learn about dental health. From the American Dental Association. [Requires free Flash or Adobe downloads.]
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Visit the Dentist With Marty
[ Kids ] Listen or read along as Marty takes a trip to the dentist and learns how to protect his teeth. [Requires free Flash download.]

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