The Pokémon games began on the Nintendo GameBoy. However, since then different types of games have become available, such as the Pokémon trading card games.

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Azure Heights Pokémon Laboratory
[ Teens ] Statistics and information sorted by Pokémon name, number or type, guides to catching, training and battling and a detailed list of attacks.
Dex's Pokémon Page
[ Kids ] Pokédex, Game Boy and card game information, some pictures and downloads.
DLTK's Pokemon Crafts for Kids
[ Kids ] Free printable templates and instructions for Pokemon crafts for kindergarten and grade school kids.
[ Teens/Mature Teens ] Offers trailers and gameplay movies.
Pokemon Crystal
[ Kids/Teens ] Includes cheats, codes, hints, reviews and downloads for pokemon crystal.
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
[ Kids/Teens ] Includes information, links, pictures, animations and hints.
[ Kids/Teens ] Nintendo's official Pokémon site. Latest news, Pokédex, games, downloads and competitions.
World of Pokémon
[ Kids ] Tips, codes, reviews and screen grabs from the Game Boy games; Java games and ASCII art.
World of Pokémon
[ Kids ] List of Gym Leaders, Items, TMs and HMs, and where to find all 150 Pokémon for versions Red and Blue.
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