Kids and Teens Arts Online Stories Fairies and Wizards
Online books for kids and teens which have Fairies and/or Wizards as the primary characters.
Contest of Fairies
[ Kids/Teens ] A Prince and Princess that are in love with each other get in the middle of two fairies each one will do anything to become queen of Fairyland.
Frogwart and the Tooth Fairies
[ Kids ] A story about a witch named Frogwart and the three Tooth Fairies.
The Magic Crystal
[ Kids ] A story of a girl who wishes life was easier. So a wizard helps her out.
Magic Fairies
[ Kids/Teens ] Fairy poems and pictures. Includes the lullaby Enchanted Tulips.
Magic Shadow Shapes
[ Kids ] A list of fantasy stories, poems, and other activities to do on this website .
Pooka and Elsie Stories
[ Kids ] Three online stories for young witches featuring Elsie, a young country witch and her cat, Pooka.
A Scandal Among the Flowers
[ Mature Teens ] A sprite courts a rose bud.
Tales from the Little Woods
[ Kids ] Tales about the adventures of a faerie named Wee One.
The Tooth Fairy Legend -The Touch of Kindness
[ Kids ] Introduces the tale of Little Wings, the Tooth Fairy, in pictures, story, and music.
Urban Fairies
[ Kids ] The Wandering Wizard a very well known online story character meets the Urban Fairies . Family-friendly for children of all ages.
The Wizard of Rainbow Valley
[ Kids/Teens ] A story about a wizard of an enchanted valley who does magical things.
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