Kids and Teens Arts Online Stories Animals and Insects
Online stories with animals and/or insects as the primary characters for children and teenagers.
The Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island
[ Kids ] A shipwrecked bunny is taken to Easter Island, and with the help of island creatures, becomes the Easter Bunny.
Ain't Got No Honey For My Oats
[ Kids ] A story of a bear's failure to notice 'that people will like him for him, and not what he can give to them. Will Teddy learn his lesson?
Animal Stories
[ Kids ] Small collection of original short animals stories.
Animals Myths and Legends
[ Kids ] Tales of animal myths and legends. Read stories, solve puzzles, play games, meet a dragon, and help save a world.
Bear Bruno
[ Kids ] Read adventures and travels of Bruno and his friends, the baby polar bear Knut and Elmar the elk. Print and color pages.
Bembo's Zoo
[ Kids ] A stylish animal alphabet site with illustrations created from the letters in each animal's name.
Cabbit Story
[ Kids ] Story about a real life rabbit that thinks he is a cat and his adopted mother cat that loves him.
Cat Who Laughed
[ Kids ] About the adventures of Tate the cat, and his owner Pete. Every day in December, a new page is added to the story.
Cherbear Stories
[ Kids/Teens ] Christian stories, tidbits for the soul, insight cavern and daily encouragement.
Children's Reading Room
[ Kids ] From The Museum of Unnatural History, a collection of stories about Bunny and his friends.
Chunky Monkey Fan Club
[ Kids ] The original Chunky Monkey stories and characters.
Diamond's Site
[ Kids ] Original cat stories as told to Diamond the cat.
Hi Monkey
[ Kids ] The adventures of monkey - a small terry cloth primate. He has a nice personality, he tells good stories and he's a good cook.
Paddy the Beaver
[ Kids ] Environmentalist Thornton Burgess teaches kids about the behavior of beavers.
Panda Bears Playhouse
[ Kids ] Interactive stories with animated graphics and sounds to hold the interest of children.
Reddy Fox
[ Kids/Teens ] Tells the story of a fox family.
Roy Gilroy in the Children's House
[ Kids ] Story about a Persian cat visiting a Montessori preschool in Orange County, California.
The Storekeepers New Pet
[ Kids ] Six-chapter story about the adventures of a rat, monkey, person named human and a storekeeper [PDF format]
Story Bear
[ Kids ] Two online stories for young children. From Little Animals Activity Centre.
Thurston the Smallest Elephant
[ Kids ] Follow a young elephant on his trek through the Middle East.
Walks with Red Dog
[ Kids/Teens ] Author Jim Conrad remembers walks taken with a farm dog along a gravel road to experience the wonders of nature. Accompanied by the author's color sketches.
[ Kids ] A set of ongoing animal stories about a lonely caterpillar.
Winsley the Sheep
[ Kids ] Read the adventures of this curious sheep who lives in Brooklyn and often gets things all wrong.
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