Music composed before approximately 1500 is often called 'Medieval' music. After this, during the 16th Century, there became a great interest in learning and culture, and it was an age of exploration and discovery. This period is often called the 'Renaissance', which literally means 're-birth'. Music of this era was often colorful and lively, with many examples of dance music written during this period. From about 1600 to 1750, the violin started to take the place of the viol. Music in this period is often called 'Baroque', which is a name borrowed from architecture. Baroque music is often full of ornamentation and decoration. Sites in this category cover these forms of 'Early' music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

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Early Music FAQ
[ Mature Teens ] Detailed information about Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music, with a repertory overview and lists of CD recordings.
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